Scrap Ore (Story of Seasons: FoMT)

Holding a piece of Scrap Ore near the Lake Mine
Scrap Ore
Location Spring and Lake Mines
Sell Price (Shipping Bin) 1 G
Uses None

Scrap Ore is a virtually useless item in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. It can be collected in the mines when you hit rocks with the Hammer tool.

Screen capture of the player’s screen showing stacks of Scrap Ore / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Screen capture of the player’s screen showing stacks of Scrap Ore.

It’s commonly mistaken for Material Stone in the game, although that actually serves a purpose for construction and crafting.

However, Material Stone is not interchangeable with Scrap Ore. And Scrap Ore can’t be converted into other useful items.

It is also a universally disliked gift, so avoid bumping into any villagers while holding a stack of Scrap Ore.

The farmer gives Scrap Ore to Manna / Story of Seasons: FoMT
The farmer gives Scrap Ore to Manna.

The best way to use Scrap Ore (other than throwing it away) is to dump all of it into the Shipping Bin at the end of the day so it isn’t completely wasted.

But if you find yourself running out of inventory space while exploring the mines, don’t feel guilty if you have to toss them away!

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