Alt Harbor Location Guide (Spiritfarer)

The dock at Alt Harbor in Spiritfarer
Alt Harbor
Unlocked By None
Coordinates X: 43, Y: 40
Spirits to Recruit Gwen
Resources None

Alt Harbor is the first island you’ll appear on as the Spiritfarer. It’s also the place where you’ll meet your first spirit (Gwen) as well as where you’ll acquire your ship.

How To Unlock

Since Alt Harbor is the first island you’ll set foot on after meeting Charon, it’s automatically unlocked at the start of the game.

What To Find

You can find Gwen in Alt Harbor. / Spiritfarer
You can find Gwen in Alt Harbor.

Upon arriving at Alt Harbor, you’ll immediately find Gwen standing on one of the buildings. You can reach her after a quick platforming tutorial.

After reaching her and talking to her, Gwen will then lead you to your ship at the other end of the island.

You can learn more about Gwen in our complete questline walkthrough guide for her.


The Windmill Upgrade can be found in Alt Harbor. / Spiritfarer
The Windmill Upgrade can be found in Alt Harbor.

Alt Harbor also has its own shenanigan sidequest later in the game. It’s called “The Hummingberg Preservation Society”.

You’ll get this shenanigan after building the Windmill on your ship. If you’d need a walkthrough for this shenanigan then check out the link added above.

After completing the side quest you’ll be rewarded with the blueprint upgrade for the Windmill facility.

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