Calamari Rings Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Calamari Rings in the kitchen (Spiritfarer)
Calamari Rings
Dish Type Pub Food
  • 1 Squid
  • 1 Flour (Any Kind)
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 200 Glims

Calamari Rings are a pub-type food in Spiritfarer. This recipe uses one bag of flour and squid as the ingredients.

What You Need

For Calamari Rings, you will need:

  • Improved Kitchen
  • 1 Squid
  • 1 Flour (Any Kind)

Note that the kitchen improvement blueprint is given to you early in the game by following Atul’s story until the “Big Stove” request.

How To Get Squid

You can find squid by fishing around the waters of Hummingberg. / Spiritfarer
You can find squid by fishing around the waters of Hummingberg.

Classified under Cephalapods, squids can be found in the waters of Hummingberg’s spring side and Furogawa, regardless of weather or time of day.

Squid are also caught using the same fishing minigame as any other fish:

  1. Sit at the back of Stella’s ship to make her cast a line.
  2. Start reeling in by holding the interact button once you get a bite.
  3. Let go of reeling for a few seconds once the line turns red, and hold again once it goes back to yellow.
  4. Repeat until your catch is secured.

Luckily, squid are not only commonly found, but also very easy to catch. All of your catches are stored in your inventory, under the seafood tab.

How To Make Flour

Flour can also be quickly made in the Crusher. / Spiritfarer
Flour can also be quickly made in the Crusher.

Flour is made from grain. And you have three choices of grain to pick from:

  • Rice (70 Glims, Furogawa Shop)
  • Wheat (100 Glims, Oxbury Shop)
  • Corn (50 Glims, Hummingberg Shop)

You’ll buy these grains as seeds, and then plant them in the Field until they can be harvested.

Next, you’d take your crops to either the Crusher or Windmill for grinding.

To grind using the Crusher, just keep pressing the same button until you’re done.

The Windmill is more complex though. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place the crops you wanna mill in the mid-level compartment.
  2. Go to the top level and align the square-column with the small wheel to get it spinning. Note that the wheel won’t spin if your ship isn’t moving and the weather is just sunny.
  3. Keep the column aligned with the small wheel as it moves up and down.
  4. Take your flour from the bottom compartment.

How To Cook Calamari Rings

Calamari Rings are made from squid and any type of flour. / Spiritfarer
Calamari Rings are made from squid and any type of flour.

Take the squid and flour to the kitchen oven to start the cooking process.

Put in the ingredients and a timer will then pop up, and the countdown will depend on the kind of dish you’re making.

Then interact with the oven again once the timer runs out to get your food.

You can serve Calamari Rings to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Bruce & Mickey
  • Jackie

Alternatively, you can sell your Calamari Rings to Raccoon Inc. branches for 200 Glims each.

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