Cuttlefish Fish Guide + Location (Spiritfarer)

Catching a cuttlefish in Spiritfarer
How to Acquire Fishing
Regions Oxbury
When to Catch Evening
Weather Clear Weather
Selling Price 50 Glims

The cuttlefish is a cephalopod that you can fish up in Spiritfarer. It can only be caught in the Oxbury region during nighttime, and it can be used to cook 2 seafood dishes in the kitchen.

Where to Catch Cuttlefish

Fishing for cuttlefish in the evening. / Spiritfarer
Fishing for cuttlefish in the evening.

Cuttlefish can only be caught during night around the waters of Oxbury at X: 233, Y: 18.

Reaching this island requires the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement from Albert’s Shipyard. If you don’t already have the upgrade, then the required materials are detailed in this guide.

And to actually catch cuttlefish you will need to play the fishing minigame. Here’s how:

You can start this by sitting in the back of your ship so Stella can cast her line. Once you get a bite, hold the interact button to start reeling in the fish. While doing this, make sure you pause whenever the fishing line turns red to stop it from snapping.

The Oxbury region circled on the map. / Spiritfarer
The Oxbury region circled on the map.

Once you’ve caught some cuttlefish, you have the choice of either selling them to Raccoon Shops for 50 Glims or cook them in the kitchen.


Making fisherman’s pie with cuttlefish. / Spiritfarer
Making fisherman’s pie with cuttlefish.

Here are all of the recipes that can be cooked using cuttlefish:

Dish Ingredients
Grilled Fish Any Kind of Fish or Cephalopod
Fisherman’s Pie
  • 1 Fish or Cephalopod (Any Kind)
  • 1 Flour (Any Kind)

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