How To Unlock Double Jump in Spiritfarer

The Double Jump Ability Shrine in Hummingberg (Spiritfarer)
Double Jump
Where to Acquire Hummingberg Shrine
Requirements 2 Obols
Prerequisite Abilities N/A
Effect Allows Stella to jump again while in mid-air to reach higher places.

Double Jump is the first ability that Stella can unlock in Spiritfarer. You’ll get it from the shrine in Hummingberg, but you need 2 Obols from spirits on your ship first.

Once you get it, Double Jump allows Stella to make a secondary jump while mid-air to reach higher places.

Getting Double Jump

Hummingberg location on the map. / Spiritfarer
Hummingberg location on the map.

First, make sure you already have the spirits Atul and Gwen onboard. We have guides for both spirits that teach you how to get them on board the ship.

As you follow their requests, these two will eventually hand you an Obol each.

Note: Gwen will hand you her Obol after you finish the “I Get Cranky When I’m Hungry” request, while Atul will hand his after the “Nice Catch” request.

Once you have both obols, head on over to the island of Hummingberg at (X: 39, Y: 139).

Land in Hummingberg & head right until you reach the middle of the town – that’s where you’ll find the shrine with the glowing orb.

Interact with the shrine and exchange two obols to get the ability. / Spiritfarer
Interact with the shrine and exchange two obols to get the ability.

Interact with the orb and confirm the obol requirement, and Stella will then get the double jump ability after a short animation.

With this ability you’ll be able to jump again while still in mid-air, allowing you to reach higher places.

You can immediately use this ability by double-jumping to reach the broken ladder beside the Hummingberg Raccoon Shop. This allows you to reach the platform up top, where you can find and recruit the spirit of Summer.

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