Hidden Shrine Location Guide for Spiritfarer

Dock of the Hidden Shrine Island in Spiritfarer
Hidden Shrine
Unlocked By
Coordinates X: -185, Y: -92
Spirits to Recruit None
Resources Ability Shrine (Lightburst)

The Hidden Shrine is an old island located in Spiritfarer’s Southwest Islands area. It requires the Mist Cleaner 1000 improvement to reach, so you’ll need to unlock that upgrade to access the island.

Once you reach the island you’ll find the Lightburst ability shrine here.

How To Unlock

Gaining access to the Hidden Shrine requires two things:

  • Mist Cleaner 1000 Boat Improvement
  • Buck’s “The Silver Company” Request

Getting the Boat Upgrade

If you already have the boat improvement then skip down to the next section!

If not, head on over to Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61, Y: 64) to purchase the Mist Cleaner 1000 Boat Improvement. Note that this improvement requires all the upgrades before it as well.

But as for materials, here’s what it requires:

  • 8 Silver Ores
  • 22 Silk Fabrics
  • 8 Bottled Ectoplasms
  • 6 Crystal Glass Sheets
  • 3 Spirit Flowers
  • 3,000 Glims
Buck and his friends will come with you to the island. / Spiritfarer
Buck and his friends will come with you to the island.

You can also breeze through this by checking out our complete guide to all boat improvements. We provide a detailed step-by-step of where to get each item on the list.

This boat upgrade helps you break through the fog and unlocks access not only to the island but the entire region.

“The Silver Company” Request

You’ll also need to clear this request from Buck, though if you’ve already done that then you’re good to go!

If not, make sure you have already unlocked the Bounce ability (from Oxbury Shrine, X: 233, Y: 18) and head towards Hikarishima Lighthouse (X: -137, Y: -14).

From there, bounce on the umbrella beside the spirit to reach the lighthouse and automatically recruit Buck.

Once Buck is on the ship, follow his storyline until he gives you the “Silver Company” request.

For this request you will need to find three of Buck’s friends:

  • Jerome in Hummingberg
  • Bob in Oxbury
  • Bryan in Bottom Line Corps

Tip: We’ve covered Buck’s full questline in this guide with step-by-step screenshots on how to complete every request. Check that out if you need help!

Once you’ve found all of Bucks friends, you’d head to the enshrined tree in Furogawa.

The tree will then give you coordinates (X: -185, Y: -92) which lead to the Hidden Shrine. This starts the “Demons of Light” request.

From there, just follow the coordinates with Buck and his friends to find the island.

Finding the Lightburst Shrine

The lightburst ability is found on the shrine at the top of the island. / Spiritfarer
The lightburst ability is found on the shrine at the top of the island.

Once you’re at the Hidden Shrine you’ll want to jump up on the platforms to reach the ability shrine above.

In exchange for two obols, this shrine unlocks Stella’s Lightburst ability.

Getting this ability also completes Buck’s “Demons of Light” request.

There’s also a diving spot at the far left of the island, which contains 3 Mint Collectible Cards you can sell for Glims. Other than that, you can also talk to Buck and his friends for some additional dialog.

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