Linen (Seeds / Fibre / Thread / Fabric) – Spiritfarer

Making x3 linen fibres
Material Type Cloths
Seeds Bought From
  • Bottom Line Corp.
  • Hummingberg
  • Furogawa
  • Hikarishima Lighthouse
Related Facility
  • Linen Fibre (from Linen Seeds)
  • Linen Thread (from Linen Fibre)
  • Linen Fabric (from Linen Thread
  • Linen Fibre
    • Sheep Corral Improvement
  • Linen Thread
    • Guest House Improvement (Hanging Lights)
    • Atul’s Workshop
    • Alice’s Cottage
    • Buck’s Lair of Wonders Improvement (Posters)
    • Sawmill
    • Mailbox
    • Craftsman Blueprint Upgrade
  • Linen Fabric
    • Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Reading Corner)
    • Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Bookcase)
    • Atul’s Workshop Improvement (Shower)
    • Atul’s Workshop Improvement (Desk)
    • Alice’s Cottage (Wardrobe)
    • Astrid’s Bungalow
    • Stanley’s Playroom Improvement
    • Elena’s Cubicle
    • Garden Improvement
    • Kitchen Improvement
    • Cellar
    • Icebreaker Boat Improvement
Buying Price 70 Glims (per seed)
Selling Price
  • 35 Glims (per seed)
  • 40 Glims (per fibre)
  • 30 Glims (per thread)
  • 25 Glims (per fabric)

Linen falls under Spiritfarer’s cloth category.

You can get Linen only buy purchasing linen seeds from a number of Raccoon Inc. Shops, before being planted in the field to make Linen Fibre. The fibre can then be brought to the Loom to make Linen Thread, which can be processed again to make Linen Fabric.

Collectively, these linen materials can be used to craft at least 7 buildings and 13 improvements.

Where To Acquire Linen Seeds

Buying linen seeds from Hummingberg / Spiritfarer
Buying linen seeds from Hummingberg.

There are four locations where you can buy linen seeds. These locations are as follows:

  • Bottom Line Corp. (X: 137, Y: 59)
  • Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139)
  • Furogawa (X: -150, Y: 67)
  • Hikarishima Lighthouse (X: -137, Y: -14)

Fortunately, none of the islands above require any ship improvement to reach. Once you’re on any of them, simply visit their Raccoon Inc. branch to buy linen seeds for 70 Glims per piece.

Growing Linen

Playing the “Plantasia Fantastica” music minigame to grow linen fibre / Spiritfarer
Playing the “Plantasia Fantastica” music minigame to grow linen fibre.

Once you have the seeds, head inside your field and plant them in any of the empty plots of land. Make sure you water when prompted as well, and the seeds will grow after a couple of in-game days.

If you’re in a hurry you can make the plants grow faster by playing the “Plantasia Fantastica” music minigame, as taught by the spirit Summer.

Once grown, simply approach any plant and press the interact button to harvest them. Each seed will give you 2 linen fibres.

How To Make Linen Thread

Weaving linen thread inside the Loom / Spiritfarer
Weaving linen thread inside the Loom.

Head inside your Loom and put in some linen fibre into the machine (you can input up to 50 of the same item).

After confirming, hold the interact button and wait for Stella’s tool to line up with the indicator before releasing. The closer you get to this indicator arrow, the more linen thread you will output. The maximum output of each item is 3.

How To Make Linen Fabric

Weaving linen thread into linen fabric / Spiritfarer
Weaving linen thread into linen fabric.

Before you can make Linen Fabric, you need to first upgrade your Loom. The materials for this improvement can also be found in our Loom Guide.

Once the Loom has been upgraded, simply head inside and put in some linen thread in the machine. Then play the same weaving minigame as before to make the linen fabric.

Just like before, the maximum output of each item you weave is 3.

Using Linen Materials

Here are all the craftable buildings and improvements you can make using linen materials:

Linen Fibre
Construction Materials
Sheep Corral Improvement
  • 12 Linen Fibres
  • 1 Metal Rope
  • 8 Ash Planks
  • 390 Glims
Linen Thread
Construction Materials
Guest House Improvement (Hanging Lights)
  • 8 Linen Threads
  • 4 Fireglows
  • 350 Glims
Atul’s Workshop
  • 15 Linen Threads
  • 30 Maple Planks
Alice’s Cottage
  • 5 Linen Threads
  • 12 Oak Planks
  • 4 Iron Ingots
Buck’s Lair of Wonders Improvement (Posters)
  • 42 Linen Threads
  • 2 Homemade Papers
  • 5 Carbon Powders
  • 1,200 Glims
  • 20 Linen Threads
  • 14 Maple Logs
  • 8 Linen Threads
  • 8 Maple Planks
  • 4 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 250 Glims
Craftsman Blueprint Upgrade
  • 10 Linen Threads
  • 10 Oak Planks
  • 1,000 Glims
Linen Fabric
Construction Materials
Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Reading Corner)
  • 5 Linen Fabrics
  • 2 Maple Planks
  • 80 Glims
Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Bookcase)
  • 2 Linen Fabrics
  • 2 Maple PLanks
  • 250 Glims
Atul’s Workshop Improvement (Shower)
  • 8 Linen Fabrics
  • 8 Slates
  • 150 Glims
Atul’s Workshop Improvement (Desk)
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 5 Aluminum Ingots
  • 8 Oak Planks
  • 200 Glims
Alice’s Cottage (Wardrobe)
  • 5 Linen Fabrics
  • 2 Iron Ores
  • 2 Copper Ores
  • 150 Glims
Stanley’s Playroom Improvement (Big Boy’s Room)
  • 1 Linen Fabric
Elena’s Cubicle
  • 22 Linen Fabrics
  • 18 Pine Planks
  • 2 Steel Sheets
Garden Improvement
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 12 Wool Fabrics
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 285 Glims
Kitchen Improvement
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 5 Bright Jellies
  • 8 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 20 Linen Fabrics
  • 3 Comet Rocks
  • 10 Bottled Ectoplasms
Astrid’s Bungalow
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 12 Slates
Icebreaker Boat Improvement
  • 18 Linen Fabrics
  • 10 Iron Ingots
  • 12 Oak Planks
  • 1 Spirit Flower
  • 5 Slates
  • 800 Glims

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