Wool (Fibre / Thread / Fabric) – Spiritfarer

Getting x2 Wool Fibre
Material Type Cloths
Acquired From Sheep
Related Facility
  • Wool Fibre
  • Wool Thread (from Wool Fibre)
  • Wool Fabric (from Wool Thread)
Buying Price N/A
Selling Price
  • 25 Glims (per fibre)
  • 20 Glims (per thread)
  • 15 Glims (per fabric)

Wool falls under Spiritfarer’s cloth category of materials. Wool (or wool fibre) is acquired exclusively from shearing sheep inside your sheep corral.

The wool fibre is then taken inside your loom to make wool thread, which in turn can be woven into wool fabric. Collectively, these wool materials are used to craft 2 buildings and 5 construction/ship improvements.

Where To Get Wool Fibre

Find Alice in Mount Toroyama to activate the sheep request / Spiritfarer
Find Alice in Mount Toroyama to activate the sheep request.

First, you’ll need to have Alice on your ship. She will give you the “One Sheep, Two Shoop” request, where you’ll need to corral the sheep. Do this by giving the sheep some food and making them follow you into the corral.

After this, Alice will introduce herself to you and teach you how to shear sheep.

This is done by simply picking the “shear” option when interacting with any sheep.

Just interact with the sheep and pick the shear option / Spiritfarer
Just interact with the sheep and pick the shear option.

From here, you can either shear any sheep you find or bring them aboard the sheep by feeding them and housing them inside the sheep corral. But note that well-fed sheep (inside the corral or not) will grow back their wool at a faster rate.

Sheep can be found roaming in these islands:

  • Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139)
  • Mount Toroyama (X: -99, Y: 34)
  • Gurenu Fields (X: -65, Y: 55)
  • Nordweiler (X: -3, Y: 185)
  • Sandwich Walk (X: 141, Y: -54)

How To Make Wool Thread

Weaving wool thread inside the Loom / Spiritfarer
Weaving wool thread inside the Loom.

Once you have some wool in your inventory, head inside your Loom and put the wool fibre into the machine. Depending on how much wool you have, you can input up to 50 in total.

After confirming the wool, hold the interact button and wait until Stella’s everlight tool lines up with the machine’s yellow indicator before you release it.

The closer you get to the machine’s indicator, the more wool thread the Loom will output. The minimum output is 1 wool thread, while the max output is 3.

How To Make Wool Fabric

Turning wool thread into wool fabric via the upgraded Loom / Spiritfarer
Turning wool thread into wool fabric via the upgraded Loom.

For Wool Fabric you’ll first need to upgrade the Loom building itself. Check out our Loom guide for more info on this upgrade.

Once the Loom has been upgraded, head inside and put wool thread in the machine.

Then simply do the same weaving minigame you previously played to make wool fabric. Just like before, the minimum output per wool thread is 1 wool fabric and the max output is 3.

Using Wool

Here are all of the craftable buildings and improvements you can do with wool materials:

Wool Thread
Construction/Improvement Materials
Zipline *needs to be built twice*
  • 4 Wool Threads (8 Wool Threads, 2nd copy)
  • 2 Marbles (4 Marbles, 2nd copy)
  • 1 Metal Rope (2 Metal Ropes, 2nd copy)
Wool Fabric
Construction/Improvement Materials
Alice’s Cottage Improvement (Framed Photographs)
  • 5 Wool Fabrics
  • 2 Glasses
  • 1 Limestone
  • 200 Glims
Garden Improvement
  • 12 Wool Fabrics
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 285 Glims
Chicken Coop
  • 20 Wool Fabrics
  • 10 Ash Planks
  • 8 Copper Ingots
Chicken Coop Improvement
  • 12 Wool Fabrics
  • 14 Ash Planks
  • 4 Zinc Ingots
  • 5 Bottled Ectoplasms
  • 450 Glims
Expert Blueprint Upgrade
  • 10 Wool Fabrics
  • 10 Iron Ingots
  • 1,850 Glims
Hermes’ Hymn Boat Improvement
  • 16 Wool Fabrics
  • 18 Oak Planks
  • 5 Slates
  • 1,250 Glims

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