Maple Logs & Planks – Spiritfarer

Getting maple logs
Maple Log
Material Type Wood
Acquired From
  • Mosstein Cove
  • Barkensheim Creek
  • Greenhalten Bay
Related Facility Sawmill
Output Maple Plank
Buying Price 130 glims
Selling Price
  • 65 glims (as maple log)
  • 35 glims (as maple plank)

Maple logs fall under the items’ wood category in Spiritfarer. These are cut from maple trees found in a number of islands or from one of the Turtle Sisters, and are turned into planks using the sawmill.

Once milled, maple planks can be used to build at least 9 buildings and 5 building improvements.

Where To Get Maple Logs

Saw left and right to cut down trees / Spiritfarer
Saw left and right to cut down trees.

As mentioned above, maple logs are cut from maple trees.

To do this, simply approach any tree and interact with it. This will turn the everlight into a saw that Stella and Daffodil will hold. Next, simply saw left to right repeatedly until the tree falls down.

Any tree that’s been cut down will grow back after a few in-game days.

Here are all the locations where maple trees can be found:

Mosstein Cove

This is a beginner island that’s located at X: 78, Y: 130, just above Albert’s Shipyard.

You can easily reach this island without any ship upgrades on your part.

Maple Tree #1

The first maple tree on the island / Spiritfarer
The first maple tree on the island.

From the island’s starting point, walk to your right until you get past the small shed to find the tree.

Maple Tree #2

The second maple tree in the island, just past the first tree / Spiritfarer
The second maple tree in the island, just past the first tree.

From the first tree, keep walking to your right and jump over the water to find the next maple tree.

Barkensheim Creek

This is another beginner island, located to the left of Mosstein Cove at X: 5, Y: 117. It also requires no prior upgrades to visit.

Maple Tree #1 and #2

The first couple of maple trees on Barkensheim Creek / Spiritfarer
The first couple of maple trees on Barkensheim Creek.

The first 2 maple trees are just standing beside each other once you walk past the small shed on the island. There’s a strawberry bush between them.

Maple #3

Keep walking to your right to find the last maple tree / Spiritfarer
Keep walking to your right to find the last maple tree.

From the first couple of trees, walk a little to your right to find the 3rd maple tree.

Greenhalten Bay

This last island is found just below Barkensheim Creek and to the left of Albert’s Shipyard, at X: -8, Y: 75.

Despite being in a rainy spot, this island can still be easily reached without any ship upgrades.

The maple trees on Greenhalten Bay stand close to each other / Spiritfarer
The maple trees on Greenhalten Bay stand close to each other.

Once on the island, head to your right and go past the wood bridges until you find the two maple trees standing close to each other.

Maple logs can either be used for buildings or turned to planks in the sawmill.

Turtle Sisters

Planting a maple tree on a turtle sister / Spiritfarer
Planting a maple tree on a turtle sister.

Once you’ve unlocked any of the Turtle Sisters, you can also plant maple logs on the plots of land on their back. These will then grow over time as trees you can cut for more logs.

The turtle sisters are located at:

  • Olga (X: 81, Y: 28)
  • Masha (X: -91, Y: 138)
  • Irina (X: 127, Y: -76)

Floating Crates

Specific floating crates also contain maple logs / Spiritfarer
Specific floating crates also contain maple logs.

You can also get maple logs from floating crates in the water. Simply jump and interact with the boxes to acquire the materials. Maple logs can be found in the crates in these areas:

  • X: 98, Y: 69
  • X: 50, Y: 100
  • X: 9, Y: 65
  • X: 102, Y: 142
  • X: -27, Y: 116

Note: All of these areas are found around the Hummingberg region.

How To Make Maple Planks

Making maple planks on the sawmill / Spiritfarer
Making maple planks on the sawmill.

Once you have a good amount of maple logs, head inside your sawmill building and put in your maple logs (you can input up to 50 logs at any time). Then trace the yellow line with your indicator as they pass by. The better you trace, the more planks will come out.

You can get a maximum amount of 4 planks per log, plus 1 sawdust. Once the sawmill is upgraded, you can get as much as 6 planks per log.


Here are all of the construction buildings and improvements you can make using maple logs and planks:

As Maple Logs
Building/Improvement Materials
Guest House 10 Maple Logs
Gwen’s Lodge
  • 10 Maple Logs
  • 2 Limestones
Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Wall Decorations)
  • 4 Maple Logs
  • 120 Glims
  • 10 Maple Logs
  • 4 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 5 Maple Logs
  • 8 Bright Jellies
  • 10 Maple Logs
  • 8 Quartz
  • 14 Maple Logs
  • 20 Linen Thread
  • 15 Maple Logs
  • 3 Limestones
Hobbyist Blueprint Upgrade
  • 2 Maple Logs
  • 1 Limestone
  • 400 Glims
As Maple Planks
Building/Improvement Materials
Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Reading Corner)
  • 2 Maple Planks
  • 5 Linen Fabric
  • 80 Glims
Gwen’s Lodge Improvement (Bookcase)
  • 2 Maple Planks
  • 2 Linen Fabric
  • 250 Glims
Atul’s Workshop
  • 30 Maple Planks
  • 15 Linen Thread
Loom Improvement
  • 10 Maple Planks
  • 18 Linen Thread
  • 8 Bright Jellies
  • 120 Glims
Sawmill Improvement
  • 18 Maple Planks
  • 8 Aluminum Ingots
  • 12 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 285 Glims
Field Improvement
  • 12 Maple Planks
  • 4 Slates
  • 7 Bright Jellies
  • 390 Glims
Cow Stall
  • 9 Maple Planks
  • 3 Copper Ingots
  • 1 Proof of Purchase: Cow
  • 6 Cotton Fabric
Mailbox Boat Improvement
  • 8 Maple Planks
  • 4 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 8 Linen Threads
  • 250 Glims

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