All Non-Fish Items To Catch in Spiritfarer

Fishing on the boat in Spiritfarer

While playing Spiritfarer’s fishing minigame, there will be times where you’ll catch an item from the ocean. These items are the game’s non-fish catches, and you’ll know you’re getting one when the fishing minigame gets super easy.

As non-fish catches, these items spawn completely at random. They can mostly be sold to Raccoon Shop branches or at Francis’ floating shop for some extra glims.

But there are also some items you’ll catch that have a specific one-time use. We’ll list all of these items in the table below.

Catching a Ceramic Bowl via fishing. / Spiritfarer
Catching a Ceramic Bowl via fishing.

Here’s a full-list of all the game’s non-fish items that you can catch with your fishing rod:

Item Purpose Selling Price
Ceramic Bowl Sold to Raccoon Shops 645 Glims
Crystal Chandelier Sold to Raccoon Shops 2,500 Glims
Empty Bottle Used to capture lightning during the thunderstorms and severe thunderstorms events. 10 Glims
Large Glim Bottle Can be opened to gain 500 Glims and 1 empty bottle. 500 Glims
Medium Glim Bottle Can be opened to gain 250 Glims and 1 empty bottle. 250 Glims
Old Shoe Can be sold to Raccoon Shops or turned to Household Glue at your Foundry. 8 Glims
Small Glim Bottle Can be opened to gain 100 Glims and 1 empty bottle. 100 Glims
Valuable Necklace Sold to Raccoon Shops 350 Glims
Mysterious Seed This only appears once you have escorted four spirits to the Everdoor. Planting it in the Garden will unlock the spirit Stanley. Can’t be sold

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