Odd Seeds – Spiritfarer

Bag of odd seeds
Odd Seed
Food Type Seed
Bought From Francis the Wandering Merchant
Input Facility Garden
  • Different Types of Tchotchke
  • Empty Bottle
Buying Price 500 Glims
Selling Price 250 Glims

Odd Seeds can only be bought from Francis the Wandering Merchant.

Unlike other seeds you plant in the game, odd seeds only produce various types of tchotchke or empty bottles when grown. Should you wish, you can also sell odd seeds for half the price you bought them, or sell the items you get from growing them.

Getting Odd Seeds

Where you are on the map, Francis is usually just nearby / Spiritfarer
Where you are on the map, Francis is usually just nearby.

Simply visit Francis’ Floating Shop to purchase these seeds. If you open the World Map located in your cabin, Francis’ green onion head (his indicator) is usually just close to where you are currently.

Once you find him, open his shop and look for an Odd Seed.

These are sold for 500 Glims each, and easily get replenished after a couple of in-game days.

Buying odd seeds from the Floating Shop / Spiritfarer
Buying odd seeds from the Floating Shop.

How To Grow

Plant the Odd Seeds in your Garden / Spiritfarer
Plant the Odd Seeds in your Garden.

After getting the seeds, the next step is to plant them on the garden in your ship.

Then water until the seeds are grown and harvest-ready. If you wish, you also have the option to play the “Plantasia Fantastica” minigame to make them grow much more faster, cutting down your waiting time.

Each odd seed you grow will give you any of these items (the value in parentheses is their resale value):

  • Empty Bottle (10 Glims)
  • Failed Experiment (10 Glims)
  • Old Shoe (8 Glims)
  • Bovine License (375 Glims)
  • Valuable Necklace (350 Glims)
  • Fancy Vase (410 Glims)
  • Valuable Ring (480 Glims)
  • Antique Bust (550 Glims)
  • Ceramic Bowl (645 Glims)
  • Vibrant Necklace (650 Glims)
  • Old Painting (780 Glims)
  • Old Coin Collection (880 Glims)
  • Old Carpet (1000 Glims)
  • Miniature Diorama (1490 Glims)
  • Mint Collectible Card (2000 Glims)
  • Crystal Chandelier (2500 Glims)

These tchotchke items can be sold at any Raccoon Inc. Shop branch for glims.

Harvest the odd seeds to get a number of random items and tchotchkes / Spiritfarer
Harvest the odd seeds to get a number of random items and tchotchkes.

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