Sawdust in Spiritfarer

Getting x1 sawdust
Material Type Wood
Acquired From Sawmill
Related Facility Kitchen
Buying Price None
Selling Price 10 Glims

Sawdust falls under Spiritfarer’s wood category. It’s made by cutting down any type of log inside the sawmill, and it’s used to make either coal or homemade paper.

Getting Sawdust

Making planks in the sawmill will always give you sawdust / Spiritfarer
Making planks in the sawmill will always give you sawdust.

Start by acquiring any type of these logs:

  • Pine Log
  • Ash Log
  • Maple Log
  • Oak Log

Then head inside the sawmill building on your ship and put in your logs of choice. Every time a log is turned into planks, you will also get 1 sawdust.

Sawdust Uses

Making coal in the kitchen using sawdust / Spiritfarer
Making coal in the kitchen using sawdust.

Once you have some sawdust, you can put it in the kitchen to make these items:

Item Ingredients
Coal 1 Sawdust
Homemade Paper
  • 1 Sawdust
  • 1 Household Glu

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