The Kid’s Dream/Zulf’s Pipe: Who Knows Where 1 (Bastion Guide)

Kids Dream preview (Bastion Who Knows Where #1)

You can enter the first Who Knows Where (a.k.a. The Kid’s Dream) by using Zulf’s Pipe.

This object appears near the Bastion’s Monument after completing Cinderbrick Fort.

While in the Dream, you’ll learn more about the Kid’s backstory while fighting 20 waves of enemies. These foes are all from the Caelondia region. This includes the Windbags, the Turrets, and the Mechanical Pyth.

The two achievements you’ll earn for this dream are:

  • Whatever’s Out There
  • Just Like That
The two achievements related to the Kid’s Dream / Bastion
The two achievements related to the Kid’s Dream

Strategy + Tips

This Dream’s the easiest of the four dream locations.

Most of the enemies don’t have any gimmick nor armor.

They’ll keep charging straight at you, so you can simply kite them as you go around the Dream. “Kiting” means shooting while moving backwards and staying out of the enemies’ range.

But here are some tips on how to deal with those:

Fight the huge Gasfellas on the south corner / Bastion
Fight the huge Gasfellas on the south corner

Tip #1: Lure the Huge Blue Gasfellas of Wave 8 and 17 into the south corner

The biggest Gasfellas that appear in Waves 8 and 17 can break the floor with their pickaxes.

The holes can make future waves harder since they’ll restrict your movement.

To mitigate this, wait for the Gasfellas on the south corner. The stone tiles that form the borders of the Dream are unbreakable.

You can fight the Gasfellas there to reduce their damage. Their attack has a long windup phase too. Get them to raise their weapon then roll to their side.

You’ll have plenty of time to put a few hits in before they swing.

As for the Scumbag that also appears in these waves, it’s the kind that’s immobile.

It attacks by lobbing goo at you. But their range can’t reach you on the south corner.

You can ignore it until you’ve defeated the Gasfellas.

Tip #2: Use the Skybridges to avoid getting overwhelmed

The Dream has three Skybridges around the plaza.

The three Skybridges can launch you to the center of the Dream / Bastion
The three Skybridges can launch you to the center of the Dream

These can throw you back to the center of the area.

Use them when you’re having trouble kiting your enemies.

You can also roll while in mid-air to regain your stance. You’ll get a prompt to do so too. Otherwise, you’ll land flat on your face and have to take a second to stand up.

Tip #3: Be patient when fighting the Mechanical Pyth

The final wave has a beefier Pyth variant. It’s bigger and sturdier but still uses the same attack pattern. It’s also too fast and persistent to kite.

It’s better to hunker down with your shield until the Pyth enters its cooldown phase.

Alternate between defense and offense against the Pyth / Bastion
Alternate between defense and offense against the Pyth

You can then pummel it till it reactivates again.

For its two Scumbag escorts, you can ignore them so long as they’re trailing behind the Pyth. From there, their attacks will also bounce off of your shield.

Focus on the Pyth first as it’s more of a threat than the Scumbags.

List of Enemies

Wave Enemies
  • 10 Squirts
  • 1 Red Gasfella
  • 2 Small Blue Gasfellas
  • 4 Purple Turrets
  • 1 Scumbag
  • 6 Blue Gasfellas
  • 2 Corn Bins
  • 2 Red Turrets
  • 2 Huge Scumbags
  • 2 Yellow Gasfellas
  • 2 Dark Teal Turrets
  • 2 Elephant Squirt
  • 1 Dark Yellow Gasfella
  • 1 Small Scumbag
  • 2 Huge Blue Gasfellas
  • 1 Huge Scumbag
  • 3 Red Gasfellas
  • 10 Squirts
  • 1 Red Gasfella
  • 4 Small Blue Gasfellas
  • 1 Scumbag
  • 4 Purple Turrets
  • 8 Blue Gasfellas
  • 3 Corn Bins
  • 3 Red Turrets
  • 3 Scumbags
  • 3 Yellow Gasfellas
  • 3 Dark Teal Turrets
  • 3 Elephant Squirts
  • 1 Dark Yellow Gasfella
  • 3 Small Scumbags
  • 3 Huge Blue Gasfellas
  • 1 Huge Scumbag
  • 4 Red Gasfellas
  • 15 Squirts
  • 5 Yellow Turrets
  • 1 Mechanical Pyth
  • 2 Scumbags

The Kid’s Backstory as Narrated by Rucks

Rucks and the Kid / Bastion
Rucks and the Kid

The past . . . Only good thing ever come out of the past is history. The past catches up with the Kid. Hardly had a moment’s rest since all this started. Fair to say he’s led a hard life, supposing what he says in his sleep ain’t no lie.

He never knew his old man, but he had his momma to take care of. Frail thing with pure white hair like his. Having his momma’s hair did the Kid no favors while he was growing up, but he learned to hold his own out there.

School ain’t working out so the Kid signs up for a turn on the Rippling Walls. Make his momma some money. Thanks to folks like the Kid, the Walls kept Caelondia safe from whatever’s out there. The elements, the Ura . . . you name it. Once the Kid done his time, he hurried on home. Turned out his momma’s time was done too.

The City had nothing for him. The money he’d been sending home was nowhere to be found neither. So what’d the Kid do? Why, he went right on back to the Walls for another five years. In the history of Caelondia, nobody’s ever volunteered for a second shift on the Walls. Out there, Kid learned to fend for himself. Learned to build. Learned to break. In time, the Kid earned good standing with the Marshalls. They trusted him to scout out farther than anybody.

One night, on one of his expeditions, the ground beneath him shuddered, cracked, and split apart. He saw nothing where the world used to be. The Calamity happened, just like that. All the Kid had to work with was his hammer and the clothes on his back.

Through twisted streets, he ran with nothing but the City Crest and an old stranger’s voice to guide him. Well, he finally arrived at Caelondia’s vaunted safe haven. He and no one else. But then? All he got was more thankless work from a man who ain’t even asked his name. Sure, I may be the one who dreamt up the Walls and the Bastion. But the Kid made them real. Not me.

I’d like to say I’ll never forget him, or what he’s doing . . . what he’s done. I surely would.

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