Dinner Party Dungeon Guide + Map (FFCC Remastered)

Fighting Jack Moschet at Dinner Party Dungeon (FFCC Remastered)

Dinner Party is the high-difficulty version of Moschet Manor. You’ll unlock this bonus dungeon after clearing FFCC Remastered’s main campaign.

To get started, Dinner Party is accessible from Moschet Manor’s original location in the Vale of Alfitaria, or through the Setting Out Together online multiplayer option in the main menu.

Entering Dinner Party from the world map / FFCC Remastered
Entering Dinner Party from the world map.

You can also challenge this dungeon online with a group on these days:

  • Mondays
  • Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Note: Single-player dungeons are always available.

Unlike most other high-difficulty dungeons, Dinner Party is more straightforward than its counterpart, Moschet Manor. It’s hard even to call this a dungeon.

The difficulty here comes from the boss fight against Jack Moschet and Maggie, and we’ll cover all of the best tips to bring them down ASAP.


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Map of Dinner Party.


The main attraction at the Dinner Party is the boss battle against Jack Moschet, so this part of the guide will be rather simple.

Step #1: Collect All Magicite

There are no enemies to fight before challenging Jack Moschet to battle.

Instead, you’ll find twelve chests containing two copies of each magicite scattered around the map.

Chests at Dinner Party / FFCC Remastered
Chests at Dinner Party.

There are five right in front of you, one on each side of you, and five further back into the yard.

More chests at Dinner Party / FFCC Remastered
More chests at Dinner Party.

Collect them all in preparation for the boss fight.

Step #2: Say Hi to Maggie

Only one of the manor doors can be opened this time: the first one to the left, leading to Maggie the Lamia’s room.

Door to Maggie’s room / FFCC Remastered
Door to Maggie’s room.

Enter this room after collecting all magicites to find Maggie hanging around some chests.

Tip: Hitting Maggie a few times will cause her to drop a Material. This can be done several times.

Chests in Maggie’s room / FFCC Remastered
Chests in Maggie’s room.

Collect all Artifacts and Materials, then exit back into the yard to begin the boss battle.

Boss: Jack Moschet

Jack Moschet makes an entrance / FFCC Remastered
Jack Moschet makes an entrance.

Jack Moschet isn’t the strongest boss. But he gets a ton of help from his Tonberry cooks and Maggie the Lamia.

Here are some tips to even the playing field in this boss fight.

Tip #1: Disregard the Tonberries

Usually I’d tell you to get rid of the slow but deadly Tonberries supporting Jack Moschet at the beginning of the fight.

But regrettably, they can’t be killed. So there’s no use in trying to execute them.

Three ghostly Tonberries manifest near the boss / FFCC Remastered
Three ghostly Tonberries manifest near the boss.

Instead, focus on keeping your distance as you shave off Jack Moschet’s health bar with quick attacks.

Tip #2: Don’t Try to Defeat Maggie

Halfway through the battle, Maggie will replace the Tonberries as Jack Moschet’s support.

Maggie casting Holyga / FFCC Remastered
Maggie casting Holyga.

She primarily focuses on debuffing you, bringing a massive difficulty spike to the fight. She can also cast Holyga.

This makes focusing on Maggie tempting, but just like the Tonberries, she can’t be defeated.

Instead, try to avoid her attacks, and keep Clear in your Command List.

Tip #3: Wear Anti-Curse Equipment

Maggie’s most harmful move has to be Curse.

Curse’s large area of effect / FFCC Remastered
Curse’s large area of effect.

If you get hit by Curse, your stats will be halved.

This allows Jack Moschet to deal devastating damage with every one of his attacks.

Your attacks will also deal less damage, making the fight drag on much more than feels necessary.

The best way to avoid this is to craft Curse-resistant equipment like the Moogle or Holy gear. Ideally, you want to reach +2 Curse res.

Tip #4: Better to Use Melee Damage

Jack is highly resistant to most magic.

Holy fares better than most other spells, but it’s still a slow way to kill the boss.

Unless you’re a Yuke with massive Magic stats, you should focus on melee damage. Focus Attacks are safest, but fast combos can burn through Jack’s HP in no time.

Tip #5: Avoid the Ground Pound

The ground pound is Jack Moschet’s most damaging move.

It’s relatively fast and has a fairly large area of effect, so time is of the essence. Start running away from Jack whenever you see him prepare to jump.

The purple ring around Jack matches the move’s effective range / FFCC Remastered
The purple ring around Jack matches the move’s effective range.

This move can knock out even the strongest characters if afflicted by Curse, so keep an eye out!

Tip #6: Cast During Breath Attack

On the other hand, Jack’s most inoffensive move is the ice breath.

Not only is it slow and easy to avoid, but it leaves Jack open to all damage.

Running around Jack during breath attack / FFCC Remastered
Running around Jack during breath attack.

Whenever you hear Jack breathe in, spring into action and deal as much damage as possible before the animation ends.

It’s also a great time to heal or Clear your status ailments.

Obtainable Items

You’ll find Artifacts, crafting Recipes, and Materials throughout the dungeon. You get to keep all Recipes and Materials, but you can only choose one Artifact to take with you.

You can get two recipes and two rare materials from the boss / FFCC Remastered
You can get two recipes and two rare materials from the boss.

Chest Items

The following items await in the chests at the Dinner Party:

Artifacts Materials
Elven Mantle
Helm of Arai
Ice Brand
Mage’s Staff
Noah’s Lute
Sage’s Staff
Wonder Wand
Tiny Crystal
White Veil

Monster Items

Monsters don’t drop anything of note in the Dinner Party.

Boss Items

Unlike regular dungeons, the Dinner Party only has one set of Boss Items you can obtain regardless of your Bonus Points.

  • Copycat Moogle (Recipe)
  • Kupo Guard (Recipe)
  • Moonstone (Material)
  • White Veil (Material)

These drops will help you obtain Curse-resistant items that’ll make future attempts at this dungeon (and other dungeons) much easier.

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