Chuck’s Team (Cianwood City Gym) – Pokémon Crystal

Chuck in the Cianwood City Gym
Gym Leader Chuck’s Team
Pokémon Primeape (Lv. 27) Poliwrath (Lv. 30)
Type Fighting Water / Fighting
  • Flying (2x)
  • Psychic (2x)
  • Electric (2x)
  • Grass (2x)
  • Flying (2x)
  • Psychic (2x)
  • Leer
  • Rage
  • Karate Chop
  • Fury Swipes
  • Hypnosis
  • Mind Reader
  • Surf
  • DynamicPunch

Gym Puzzle Solution

You’ll need a Pokémon that can use Strength outside of battle to remove a boulder barrier blocking your way toward Chuck. Here’s how to solve the puzzle:

First, move the right and left boulders forward.

Then, move the one in the middle to the side, opening the way forward.

Moving boulders around to open a way forward through Cianwood Gym. / Pokémon Crystal
Moving boulders around to open a way forward through Cianwood Gym.

Chuck is a few steps north of the barrier.

Approaching Chuck in Cianwood Gym. / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching Chuck in Cianwood Gym.

Tips for Beating Chuck

  • Level Up Your Party to Around Level 28: Chuck only has two Pokémon, so as long as you have a full party, you don’t need to train too much.
  • Get a Gastly/Haunter in Your Party: Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to Normal and Fighting-type moves. This makes Chuck’s Primeape useless and reduces Poliwrath to just using Surf for damage. You can catch Gastly in the Sprout Tower (Azalea Town) or Tin Tower (Ecruteak City).
  • Get a Kadabra in Your Party: Psychic-type moves can be devastating against Chuck’s team. The easiest way to get a powerful Psychic-type move by this point in the game is to catch Abra on Route 34 or 35 and level it up. It will evolve into Kadabra and learn Confusion at Level 16, then Psybeam at Level 21.

Rewards for Defeating Chuck

Here’s what you’ll receive from Chuck after winning the battle:

The Storm Badge has the following effects:

  • Lets your Pokémon use Fly outside of battle to quickly move between places you’ve visited.
  • Makes sure all Pokémon up to Level 70 obey your commands in battle.

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