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Holding a gift box for Mayor Thomas in SoS: FoMT

Giving a gift on someone’s birthday in SoS:FoMT can allow you to earn up to +5,000 Love Points or +56 Friendship Points all at once.

This page lists all possible NPC birthdays in the game, and the best gifts to get each of them.

All NPC Birthdays List

The farmer offers a gift to Doctor / Story of Seasons: FoMT
The farmer offers a gift to Doctor.
NPC Birthday Best Easy Gifts
Marriage Candidates
Harvest Goddess Spring 8th Strawberries, Milk, Eggs, All Crops
Kappa Spring 8th Cucumbers
Elly Spring 16th Toy Flower, Milk
Bon Vivant Spring 21st Elly Grass, Hot Spring Egg
Popuri Summer 3rd Omelet Rice, Eggs
Cliff Summer 6th Curry Rice, Bamboo Rice
Ran Summer 17th Cheese Fondue, Hot Spring Egg
Kai Summer 22nd Pineapple, Summer Crops
Brandon Autumn 7th Matsutake, Honey, Cheese
Karen Autumn 15th Popcorn, Cheese
Doctor Autumn 19th Normal Milk, Fish, Honey
Rick Autumn 27th Hot Spring Egg, Honey, Corn, Eggs
Jennifer Winter 2nd Chestnut Rice, Chocolate, Yam Dessert
Gray Winter 6th Roasted Corn, Carbonara, gems from the Lake Mine
Huang Winter 19th Golden Egg, Gold, gems from the Lake Mine
Marie Winter 20th Vegetable Juice, White Grass, Dango Flour
Saibara Spring 11th Bamboo Shoots, Turnip, Oden
Mugi Spring 17th Hot Spring Egg, Miso Soup, Zaru Soba
Lillia Spring 19th Honey, Wild Grapes, Strawberries, Milk, Cheese
Sasha Spring 30th Moondrop Flower, Yam Dessert, Cookies
Harris Summer 4th Small Fish, Wild Grape Water, Hot Spring Egg
Basil Summer 11th Wild Grapes, Mixed Juice, Green Grass
Thomas Summer 25th Wild Grape Water, Churros, Tempura Soba
Zack Summer 29th Pink Cat Flower, Pineapples, Tomatoes, Cheese
Gotts Autumn 2nd Honey, Matsutake, All Animal Products & Byproducts
Yu Autumn 5th Honey, Yam, Ice Cream, Yam Dessert
Manna Autumn 11th Honey, Matsutake, Mayonnaise, Milk, Small Fish
Carter Autumn 20th Milk, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Wheat Flour, Oil, Curry Powder
Anna Autumn 23rd Honey, Orange, Yam, Milk, Eggs
Dudley Winter 11th Orange, White Grass, Honey, Eggs, Milk
Ellen Winter 13th Orange, Yarn, Wool, Hot Spring Egg
Duke Winter 15th Cheese, Hot Spring Egg, Bread
Mei Winter 26th Orange, Blue Magic Red Flower, Yarn
Jeff Winter 29th Honey, White Grass, Caffeine, Pudding
Lou No birthday Butter, All Dishes
Van No birthday X Yarn, Ancient Fossil, Perfume, Mythic Ore
Nature Sprites
Plum Spring 4th Honey, Purple Grass, Potato
Blueberry Spring 15th Honey, Blue Grass, Wild Grapes
Aqua Spring 26th Honey, Wild Grapes, Butter
Mint Summer 16th Honey, Green Grass, Wheat Flour
Sunny Autumn 10th Honey, Yellow Grass, Milk
Cherry Autumn 14th Honey, Red Grass, Tomatoes, Butter
Pumpkin Winter 22nd Honey, Orange Grass, Oranges, Butter

Marriage Candidate Alternate Birthdays

At the start of the game, you get to choose your birthday from Mineral Town’s calendar.

If you happen to choose the same birthdate as another marriage candidate, their original birthday will get moved a couple of days to adjust for your special day.

Note: This won’t affect regular villagers’ birthdays, since this would only affect the post-marriage birthday celebrations held on the farm.

Here’s a list of all the alternate dates for each marriage candidate’s birthday if you happen to choose the same date as them:

Marriage Candidate Original Birthday Alternate Birthday
Harvest Goddess Spring 8th Spring 9th
Kappa Spring 8th Spring 9th
Elly Spring 16th Spring 20th
Bon Vivant Spring 21st Spring 20th
Popuri Summer 3rd Summer 10th
Cliff Summer 6th Summer 10th
Ran Summer 17th Summer 22nd
Kai Summer 22nd Summer 17th
Brandon Autumn 7th Autumn 22nd
Karen Autumn 15th Autumn 23rd
Doctor Autumn 19th Autumn 25th
Rick Autumn 27th Autumn 23rd
Jennifer Winter 2nd Winter 18th
Gray Winter 6th Winter 23rd
Huang Winter 19th Winter 21st
Marie Winter 20th Winter 23rd
The player’s birthday is displayed on the farmhouse calendar / Story of Seasons: FoMT
The player’s birthday is displayed on the farmhouse calendar.

Quick Tip: Use Gift Wrap

The best gifts always come wrapped in a pretty box.

Birthdays will automatically multiply the Friendship/Love Points you earn by 5, but adding gift wrap will add an additional 25% bonus!

Type of Gift Points Earned (Normal) Points Earned (Birthday) Points Earned (Birthday + Gift Wrap)
Favorite +9 FP, +800 LP +45 FP, +4,000 LP +56 FP, +5,000 LP
Loved +9 FP, +500 LP +45 FP, +2,500 LP +56 FP, +3,125 LP
Liked +3 FP, +300 LP +15 FP, +1,500 LP +19 FP, +1,875 LP
Neutral +1 FP, +100 LP +5 FP, +500 LP +6 FP, +625 LP
Disliked -3 FP, -500 LP -15 FP, -2,500 LP -19 FP, -3,125 LP
Hated -9 FP, -800 LP -45 FP, -4,000 LP -56 FP, -5,000 LP

Gift wrapping will cost 100 G per item, which is well worth the cost if you want to quickly gain FP/LP with a villager.

To wrap your gifts, head over to Jeff’s counter at the General Store and interact with the pile of gifts on the right-hand side.

Jeff offers to wrap the farmer’s gift / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Jeff offers to wrap the farmer’s gift.

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