Clear Glass Sheets (Spiritfarer)

Getting x1 clear glass sheet
Clear Glass Sheet
Material Type Metal
Made From
Made In
Selling Price 1 Glims

Clear Glass Sheets are part of Spiritfarer’s buildable metals category. This sheet is made by combining 1 lime powder and 1 silica powder inside the Smithy, and is used to craft 1 building and 2 construction improvements.

What You Need

To make a clear glass sheet, you will need to have these three requirements:

  • 1 Lime Powder
  • 1 Silica Powder
  • Smithy

How To Get Lime Powder

Crushing limestone to make lime powder / Spiritfarer
Crushing limestone to make lime powder.

First, you will need some limestone for this. Limestone can be mined from these islands:

  • Mosstein Cove
  • Iwashima Countryside
  • Flotsam Shores
  • Obscure Canopy

Once you have the limestone, head back to your ship and inside the Crusher building.

After building the Crusher, put in your limestone in the machine inside and press the interact button repeatedly. This will crush the limestone and turn it into lime powder. 1 limestone is equal to lime powder.

How To Get Silica Powder

Crushing quartz to make silica powder / Spiritfarer
Crushing quartz to make silica powder.

Start by finding the Quartz Dragon, introduced to you by the spirit Summer. This is a location-based event, and you can find the Quartz Dragon in these locations:

  • X: -24, Y: 65
  • X: -172, Y: 45

During this event, you will need to platform on the back of the dragon and mine the Quartz nodes. Each quartz node only requires one charged-up hit to mine, and each successful run will give you plenty of quartz.

Next, bring your quartz inside the Crusher building and play the same crushing minigame as before. Just put them inside the machine and keep pressing the interact button until the silica powder comes out.

Making Clear Glass Sheets

Pick the clear glass sheet from the options / Spiritfarer
Pick the clear glass sheet from the options.

Head inside your Smithy and pick the Clear Glass Sheet from the list of buildable metals.

A timer will appear after you confirm. Then once the timer is done counting down, a molten ball of metal will roll outside, and you will need to shape it using Stella’s everlight hammer.

While doing this, make sure that you pause if the hammer becomes too red, because ignoring this will make it explode and you’ll need to start over.

With enough hits, the ball will become flattened.

It will then get automatically doused in water and you will get 1 clear glass sheet.

Hit the molten ball of metal until it flattens / Spiritfarer
Hit the molten ball of metal until it flattens.

Using Clear Glass Sheets

These are all of the uses you can find for the clear glass sheet:

Construction/Improvement Materials
Buck’s Lair of Wonders
  • 2 Clear Glass Sheets
  • 12 Pine Planks
  • 4 Slates
Jackie’s On-Call Room Improvement (Motivational Posters)
  • 1 Clear Glass Sheet
  • 1 Bronze Sheet
  • 5 Iron Ingots
  • 1,100 Glims
Bruce & Mickey’s Crib Improvement (Liquor Table)
  • 2 Clear Glass Sheets
  • 2 Silver Ingots
  • 12 Silk Fabrics
  • 710 Glims

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