Quartz Ore & Silica Powder (Spiritfarer)

Quartz ore via the Quartz Dragon
Material Type Rocks
Found in Quartz Dragon
Related Facility Crusher
Output Silica Powder
Buying Price Unknown
Selling Price
  • 30 glims (as ore)
  • 60 glims (as powder)

Quartz fall under Spiritfarer’s rock materials, and are exclusively collected from the Quartz Dragon event introduced by the spirit Summer.

Quartz can then be used to make 1 building, while turning it into silica powder using the Crusher lets you make 2 more buildings and 1 blueprint improvement.

How To Get Quartz

Mining quartz on the dragon’s head / Spiritfarer
Mining quartz on the dragon’s head.

First, you’ll need Summer on your ship. You can find her in the island of Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139), and you can consult our full spirit guide for her to get a more detailed walkthrough.

Once Summer is on your boat, she will introduce you to the Quartz Dragon via the “An Old Acquiantance” quest.

There are two locations for this event, including:

  • X: -24, Y: 65
  • X: -172, Y: 45

During this event, you will need to platform on the back of the dragon and interact with the quartz nodes to mine them. Each quartz node only needs one charged-up hit to mine, and you will get a good amount of quartz once the event ends.

Platform on the dragon’s back to find the quartz nodes / Spiritfarer
Platform on the dragon’s back to find the quartz nodes.

You can also repeat this event as much as you like, even after Summer has left for the Everdoor.

Growing Quartz

Planting quartz on one of the turtle sisters’ back / Spiritfarer
Planting quartz on one of the turtle sisters’ back.

Once you have acquired some quarts, you also have the option of planting them on any of the Turtle Sisters.

This allows you to grow some quartz for future mining without having to play the Quartz Dragon event.

The Turtle Sisters can be found in these locations:

  • Olga (X: 81, Y: 28)
  • Masha (X: -91, Y: 138)
  • Irina (X: 127, Y: -76)

How To Make Silica Powder

Making silica powder from quartz / Spiritfarer
Making silica powder from quartz.

In order to crush quartz into silica powder, you will need the Crusher building. This requires:

  • 7 Pulsar Ingots
  • 15 Ash Planks
  • 5 Zinc Ingots

Once you have the building, head inside and input quartz into the machine. Then bash repeatedly with the interact button until the silica powder comes out. 1 quartz will produce 1 silica powder.

Quartz & Silica Powder Uses

Here are all of the in-game uses you have for both quartz and silica powder:

As Quartz
Construction/Improvement Materials
  • 8 quartz
  • 10 maple log
As Silica Powder
Construction Materials
Master Blueprint Improvement
  • 10 silica powders
  • 10 zinc ingots
  • 2,800 glims
  • 12 Silica Powders
  • 5 Comet Powders
  • 5 Pulsar Ingots
  • 12 Ash Planks

Smithy Uses

Additionally, you can also bring some silica powder inside the Smithy to make these materials:

Output Materials
Crystal Glass Sheet
  • 1 silica powder
  • 1 zinc ingot
Clear Glass Sheet
  • 1 silica powder
  • 1 lime powder

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