Daemon’s Court Dungeon Guide + Map (FFCC Remastered)

Daemons Court Postcard Screenshot in FFCC Remastered

Daemon’s Court is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles available for players to challenge from Year 3 onward.

It’s located on the northwestern corner of the Fields of Fum region, accessible by crossing the Jegon River from the port in Iron Mine Downs.

Location of Daemon’s Court in world map / FFCC Remastered
Location of Daemon’s Court in world map.

There’s no specific, set-in-stone order in which you need to do things, but here’s a good sequence to follow for easy completion:

  1. Collect all necessary magicite (especially Cure).
  2. Get your Moogle Stamp.
  3. Locate two golden Lizardmen and defeat them for the keys to the boss room.
  4. Challenge the Lizardman King.

You should also check out an optional objective that will help you out on a later dungeon, but we’ll get to that in step #3.


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Map of Daemon’s Court.


The boss room is just a few steps to the left of your starting position, but you’ll need a couple of keys to open it.

These keys are carried by specific Lizardmen enemies that wander certain map areas.

I’ll tell you where to get them, but there are a few things you should do first.

Step #1: Collect Magicites in the Central Area

Take a right immediately after entering the dungeon and continue in this direction until you reach a chest.

Magicite chest in Daemon’s Court / FFCC Remastered
Magicite chest in Daemon’s Court.

This chest has a 25% chance of dropping any elemental magicites or Cure.

Cure is necessary in Daemon’s Court due to the sheer number of enemies stalking this monster camp. Keep combat to a minimum until you have it.

The next place you might find Cure lies to the left of the boss room gate.

Run back to the left, past the dungeon’s entrance and the boss gate. You’ll be attacked by a Coeurl and a Killer Bee.

Follow the edge of the massive tent, walking north until you hit some stairs that allow you to get on the catwalk above. Turn south immediately after climbing the stairs.

Cure magicite chest in Daemon’s Court / FFCC Remastered
Cure magicite chest in Daemon’s Court.

Fight through a black Lizardman enemy to finally reach a Chest with Cure.

Our next priority should be getting Raise so we can fuse Holy and damage the abundant Wraiths roaming around the courtyard.

Tip: Wraiths must be hit by Holy (Thunder/Fire/Blizzard + Raise) before they can take damage.

Raise is on the catwalk opposite this one, to the right of the boss gate.

Retrace your steps back to the boss gate, then go around the right side of the tent until hitting a set of stairs.

The way to the Raise chest / FFCC Remastered
The way to the Raise chest.

Go south immediately after climbing, and you’ll find the chest containing Raise.

Now that you have Holy, nothing can resist you, so clear the rest of the courtyard.

Start by collecting the two treasure chests to the north of here.

You’ll find the first just by walking north, past the stairs you climbed to come up here. The second one is down the stairs and immediately to the north, left of a wooden platform.

Lizardman guards the first chest. Second chest is visible on the floor below / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman guards the first chest. Second chest is visible on the floor below.

The enemies in these platforms are primarily large Lizard Captains. These foes will drop more magicites so you can make more powerful spells, so kill at least a couple of them.

Tip: Blizzara is recommended, as most of the remaining enemies are Lizardmen, who’re weak to Blizzard and easily frozen.

You can use the catapults scattered all around the courtyard to damage enemies in front of them.

Step #2: Finding the Moogle Nest

Before we find the keys to the boss room, we need to get our Moogle Stamp.

To find the Moogle Nest, head to the northeastern corner of the courtyard, then walk straight to the right and look around under the catwalk to find a hidden Moogle Nest.

Location of Moogle Nest in Daemon’s Court / FFCC Remastered
Location of Moogle Nest in Daemon’s Court.

Once you’ve collected your stamp, we can move on to the next step.

Step #3: Locate the Golden Lizardmen

The two keys needed to open the boss gate are carried by two Lizardmen Warriors with golden accents on their heads.

Lizardman carrying the key to the boss gate / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman carrying the key to the boss gate.

They’re faster than the average Lizardman, and they’ll desperately try to get away from you while shooting projectiles in your direction.

Regrettably, they spawn separately in random locations near the edges of the map.

This includes the wooden ramparts and the small ground-level area right of the river on the east side of the map.

There is also treasure on the ramparts, so you should explore each of them even if you get the keys immediately.

There are:

  • One chest on the western ramparts
  • Two chests along the northern ramparts
  • A chest on each end of the eastern ramparts

These areas are packed full of Lizardmen and Lizard Captains.

Lizardmen attack the player character / FFCC Remastered
Lizardmen attack the player character.

Exercise caution, as these are some of the largest enemy groups you’ve fought so far.

Tip: Blizzara can quickly freeze crowds of Lizardmen and should make this a lot easier.

Optional: Blow Up the Bridge

Two bridges cross the canal on the east side of the courtyard.

The southern bridge is made of stone and passable, while the northern one is made of wood and can’t be traversed by the players.

Destroyable bridge in Daemon’s Court / FFCC Remastered
Destroyable bridge in Daemon’s Court.

Killing the Fire Bomb roaming on the wooden bridge should cause it to collapse due to the Bomb’s self-destruction.

Ideally, you want to do this twice to cause a change in a future dungeon: Conall Curach.

I recommend blowing it up, then leaving to the world map and returning to blow it up again right away before clearing Daemon’s Court.

This is especially important if this is your last dungeon in Year 3.

Step #4: Open the Gate

After defeating both Golden Lizardmen, all that’s left is carrying the crescent moon tokens to the boss gate.

Carrying the crescent moon token to the altar / FFCC Remastered
Carrying the crescent moon token to the altar.

Good thing you cleared the way beforehand.

Defeat any remaining enemies or collect treasure you might have missed, then step through the gate to face the camp’s leader.

Boss: Lizardman King

Lizardman King makes an entrance / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman King makes an entrance.

The Lizardman King is one of the most menacing enemies in the game, but the boss fight can be surprisingly easy.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll take him out in no time.

Tip #1: Kill the Cats

Like all other bosses so far, the Lizardman King spawns with some supporters.

A couple of Coeurls / FFCC Remastered
A couple of Coeurls

These include a couple of Coeurls that can make this fight unnecessarily difficult with their spellcasting if you don’t defeat them quickly.

Tip #2: Don’t Kill the Gecko

Along with the Coeurls, you’ll have to keep an eye on a Lizardman Warrior.

However, you may want to keep it alive.

Lizardman steps on trap switch / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman steps on trap switch.

Although it can and will attack you directly, it prefers to go around the map stepping on switches to activate a set of sawblades that’ll roll around the map.

They’re easy for you to dodge, but the boss will almost always take a hit or two.

Tip #3: Stay on the Sides

Lizardman King shoots at the player / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman King shoots at the player.

The Lizardman King has three moves.

  • A mid-range forward thrust.
  • A close-range spin attack.
  • A multi-shot ranged attack.

Keeping a reasonable distance from the boss when it’s about to attack protects you from the spin attack. The other two can be avoided by running to the sides.

Attacking in a zig-zag pattern can make this battle surprisingly easy.

Tip #4: Weak to Holy

You want to attack the Lizardman King from a distance, but he is resistant to Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder.

Luckily, we still have the magicites we used to kill the Wraiths outside.

Casting Holy on Lizardman King / FFCC Remastered
Casting Holy on Lizardman King.

Just put Holy together in your Command List and bring divine justice to the Lizardman King.

It’s equally effective on the Coeurls.

Changes with Dungeon Cycles

Myrrh Tree at Daemon’s Court / FFCC Remastered
Myrrh Tree at Daemon’s Court.

The Lizardman King get new moves with each Cycle.

On Cycle 2, it’ll start shooting fire at you. On the next cycle, he shoots ice. Ice is arguably more troublesome because it can freeze you in place.

Obtainable Items

You’ll find Artifacts, crafting Recipes, and Materials throughout the dungeon. You get to keep all Recipes and Materials, but you can only choose one Artifact to take with you.

Four Artifacts from monsters and chests and four from the boss loot / FFCC Remastered
Four Artifacts from monsters and chests and four from the boss loot.

Chest Items

Cycle First Second Third
Recipes Eyewear Techniques
Master’s Weapon
Warrior’s Weapon
Eyewear Techniques
Master’s Weapon
Victorious Weapon
Designer’s Glasses
Master’s Weapon
Mighty Weapon
Valiant Weapon
Victorious Weapon
Artifacts Book of Light
Cat’s Bell
Chocobo Pocket
Faerie Ring
Fang Charm
Main Gauche
Moon Pendant
Power Wristband
Rune Staff
Twisted Headband
Cat’s Bell
Chocobo Pocket
Faerie Ring
Gold Hairpin
Heavy Armband
Mage’s Staff
Main Gauche
Moon Pendant
Rat’s Tail
Twisted Headband
Book of Light
Chicken Knife
Chocobo Pocket
Giant’s Glove
Gold Hairpin
Heavy Armband
Mage’s Staff
Moon Pendant
Noah’s Lute
Onion Sword
Rat’s Tail
Tome of Ultima

Monster Items

Cycle First Second Third
Coeurl Coeurl’s Whisker Coeurl’s Whisker Coeurl’s Whisker
Lizard Warrior Iron
Mythril Alloy
Wraith Heavenly Dust
Holy Water
Heavenly Dust
Holy Water
Heavenly Dust
Holy Water
Monsters only drop Materials in Daemon’s Court.

Boss Items

Each boss has four drop pools per cycle.

Your Bonus Points determine which rewards you qualify to get. The higher your points, the more chances you have to get good rewards.

Bonus Point tally / FFCC Remastered
Bonus Point tally.

Higher ranks can randomly get any of the previous reward pools. There’s also a tiny chance that the contrary might happen, giving you higher-level rewards at low scores.

Cycle First Second Third
0+ BP Buckler
Chocobo Pocket
Loaded Dice
Winged Cap
Candy Ring
Chocobo Pocket
Rat’s Tail
Giant’s Glove
Moon Pendant
Rune Bell
Wonder Bangle
103+ BP Moon Pendant
Silver Spectacles
Wonder Wand
Double Axe
Dragon’s Whisker
Moon Pendant
Sparkling Bracer
Chocobo Pocket
Dark Matter
Orichalcum (M)
128+ BP Candy Ring
Chocobo Pocket
Rat’s Tail
Giant’s Glove
Moon Pendant
Rune Bell
Wonder Bangle
Diamond Gloves
King’s Scale
160+ BP Double Axe
Dragon’s Whisker
Moon Pendant
Sparkling Bracer
Chocobo Pocket
Dark Matter
Orichalcum (M)
Diamond Shield
Ice Brand
Red Slippers
Numbers rise slightly with # of players.

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