Falling Leaves Path Dungeon Guide + Map (FFCC Remastered)

Running past goblins in Falling Leaves Path Dungeon (FFCC Remastered)

Falling Leaves Path is the “high difficulty” version of River Belle Path. You’ll unlock it after clearing FFCC Remastered’s main story.

You can access the Falling Leaves Path at River Belle Path’s location on the map, or through the Setting Out Together online multiplayer option in the main menu.

Entering the dungeon from the world map / FFCC Remastered
Entering the dungeon from the world map.

You can also tackle this dungeon online with a group, but only on these days:

  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Note: Single-player Bonus Dungeons are always available.

Since this is one of the easiest bonus dungeons in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, it presents just a slightly bigger challenge than your average Cycle 3 dungeon from the main game.

We’ll share a full map plus an in-depth walkthrough packed with strategy tips to help you overcome the new challenges in Falling Leaves Path.


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Falling Leaves Path dungeon map.


Falling Leaves Path shares its basic layout with River Belle Path, but the stronger monsters require a little extra care when exploring this idyllic riverside path.

Step #1: Open the First Gate

Entrance to Falling Leaves Path / FFCC Remastered
Entrance to Falling Leaves Path.

Begin by opening the two chests on the sides of the signpost in front of you. These contain Raise and Cure, which you’ll find helpful in future fights.

Then go up the path to the left and watch out for the Goblin trio.

Composition of the Goblin trio / FFCC Remastered
Composition of the Goblin trio.

Goblin groups like this are common throughout Falling Leaves Path. There’s always a spellcaster, a rock thrower, and a melee fighter.

Tip: Take care of the spellcaster first. Thundara can paralyze you, allowing the Goblins to gang up on you.

Once they’re dealt with, keep heading northward toward a locked gate guarded by a Mu.

A Mu holds the key to the gate / FFCC Remastered
A Mu holds the key to the gate.

Kill the Mu to get the key needed to open the gate.

Note: There’s also a chest to the right if you don’t mind fighting through another Goblin trio.

Step #2: Open the Second Gate

Now head through the open gate and cross the bridge to find yet another gate.

Monster mob surrounds the player / FFCC Remastered
Monster mob surrounds the player.

A Griffin and a Goblin trio guard this one. These guys can shave off 90% of your health in less than a second if you’re not careful.

Tip: Blizzara or Blizzaga are excellent for crowd control. Both the Griffin and the Goblins are vulnerable to freezing.

One of the Goblins will drop the key needed to open the nearby gate.

Note: You can take a moment to explore the area south of here for chests. Use the Map up top to guide your steps.

Side Tip: Catch that White Mu!

This is the first location where you might find a Milky Mu. You’ll recognize the white fur.

A White Mu – they’re like a regular Mu, but white / FFCC Remastered
A White Mu – they’re like a regular Mu, but white.

These elusive critters drop White Fur, which you’ll need to make the equipment from the Recipes dropped by the boss here.

Its habit of running away from you makes hunting the Milky Mu annoying, but it’s rewarding.

You can see all the possible Milky Mu spawn locations on our Map at the top of this guide.

Step #3: Reach the Third Gate

Cross the open gate northward and brace for combat against another Goblin trio.

Either kill or run past them, depending on your appetite for battle.

Path forward through the Goblins / FFCC Remastered
Path forward through the Goblins.

Keep heading north until reaching the dilapidated bridge to the left.

Note: Goblins protect some chests on the hills to the right. Get them if you need the Artifacts and Materials.

Collapsed bridge at Falling Leaves Path / FFCC Remastered
Collapsed bridge at Falling Leaves Path.

Cross the bridge and immediately turn right to collect the chest by the riverside.

Then start heading south, following the river.

You’ll then want to the east at the earliest opportunity. You’ll reach a gate protected by some Goblins.

Near the pointless locked gate at Falling Leaves Path / FFCC Remastered
Near the pointless locked gate at Falling Leaves Path.

This gate leads back to the beginning of the dungeon, so ignore it and head north.

Step #4: Fight Your Way to the Boss

Prepare to cross a field full of monsters, including two Griffins and several Goblin trios.

Many enemies roam the road to the boss / FFCC Remastered
Many enemies roam the road to the boss.

Remember to take them on in small groups if possible.

Tip: Blizzaga can be a lifesaver in this area.

You’ll eventually reach a signpost. There’s a chest on the path to the left, but after you grab it you’ll want to go right to reach the boss.

Second-to-Last signpost at Falling Leaves Path / FFCC Remastered
Second-to-Last signpost at Falling Leaves Path.

Cross the bridge and take a left at the earliest opportunity to reach the boss room.

Boss: Giant Crab (Blue)

The Giant Crab uses one of its claws like a shield / FFCC Remastered
The Giant Crab uses one of its claws like a shield.

The high-difficulty version of the Giant Crab boasts higher stats and more powerful spells.

Still, the strategy remains roughly the same. But here’s a few tips to help out with this boss fight:

Tip #1: Build Up Thunder Resistance

Thundara has always been a part of the Giant Crab’s arsenal – but this high-difficulty version will start casting Thundaga once you’ve shaved off around half its health.

Thundaga covers almost the entire boss room / FFCC Remastered
Thundaga covers almost the entire boss room.

Thundaga has a massive area of effect, so it’s almost impossible to dodge reliably. Instead, look for Thunder-resistant equipment.

  • Chronicle equipment (Thunder Res. +2) would be ideal, but you won’t have that until after you defeat the Giant Crab.
  • Storm equipment and the Thunderbolt Badge (Thunder Res. +1) also work.

This will allow you to largely ignore the Giant Crab’s casting without the risk of becoming paralyzed.

Tip #2: Kill It with Fire!

The Giant Crab is resistant to Thunder, but Fire will turn it into a delicious meal in no time.

Firaga’s range covers almost the entire map / FFCC Remastered
Firaga’s range covers almost the entire map.

Fira will do the job, but you’ll get the best results from Firaga. Not only does it deal more damage, but you’ll be able to cast it from farther away without aiming much.

Tip #3: Defeat the Mu First

Like the original Giant Crab, this boss will have Mu minions to defend it.

It starts with just one, but a second one is swiftly summoned.

Two minions harass the player during the boss fight / FFCC Remastered
Two minions harass the player during the boss fight.

They’ll go down with a few swings from your weapon, but setting them on fire is the best way to end them.

Fira will do the job, but Firaga is ideal.

You’ll hit both the Mu and the boss simultaneously!

Tip #4: Watch Out for Missing Parts

As the battle continues, the crab will lose both the small claw it uses to swipe at you and the big weapon-skewered one that shields the main body.

The Giant Crab changes as it loses health / FFCC Remastered
The Giant Crab changes as it loses health.

When that happens, the boss will become more aggressive, blowing Slow bubbles and casting Slowga and Thundaga non-stop.

Tip: Slow and Stop resistant equipment like the Eternal items or the Unfaltering Watch can help. You can also wiggle the joystick when Stopped to break free faster.

The strategy remains the same, but it pays to play more conservatively in this phase.

Tip #5: Keep a Phoenix Down Handy

When tackling the Bonus Dungeons, there can never be too many Phoenix Downs in your Command List.

Player is revived by a Phoenix Down / FFCC Remastered
Player is revived by a Phoenix Down.

Even a relatively easy boss like the Giant Crab can pulverize you in a couple of seconds if you get distracted.

Nothing feels worse than restarting a fight you were about to win because you forgot to place a Phoenix Down in your Command List.

Obtainable Items

You’ll find Artifacts, crafting Recipes, and Materials throughout the dungeon. You get to keep all Recipes and Materials, but you can only choose one Artifact to take with you.

Four Artifacts from the dungeon, and four rewards from the boss / FFCC Remastered
Four Artifacts from the dungeon, and four rewards from the boss.

Chest Items

The following items await in the chests at Falling Leaves Path:

Artifacts Materials
Black Hood
Dragon’s Whisker
Loaded Dice
Mage Masher
Rune Bell
Sage’s Staff
Sasuke’s Blade
Save the Queen
Silver Spectacles
Wonder Bangle
Hard Driftwood
Stream Water

Monster Items

The following Materials can be obtained from the monsters at Falling Leaves Path:

  • White Fur (Milky Mu)
  • Griffin’s Wing (Griffin)

Boss Items

Unlike regular dungeons, the Falling Leaves Path only has one set of Boss Items you can obtain regardless of your Bonus Points.

  • Beginnings Weapon (Recipe)
  • Beginnings Armor (Recipe)
  • Beginnings Guard (Recipe)
  • White Fur (Material)

These drops will help you obtain Thunder-resistant items that’ll make future attempts at this and other dungeons much easier.

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