Frozen Sluice Dungeon Guide + Map (FFCC Remastered)

Battle in the Frozen Sluice dungeon (FFCC Remastered)

Frozen Sluice is the high-difficulty version of Veo Lu Sluice. It’s unlocked after clearing FFCC Remastered’s main campaign.

You can access this bonus dungeon from Veo Lu Sluice’s original location in the Veo Lu region, or through the Setting Out Together online multiplayer option in the Main Menu.

Entering Frozen Sluice from the World Map / FFCC Remastered
Entering Frozen Sluice from the World Map.

You can challenge this dungeon with a group on:

  • Tuesdays
  • Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Note: Single-player dungeons are always available.

It’s also a cold dungeon, so make sure Mog has a full fur coat before coming here.

Let’s go over the entire dungeon in detail here, starting with the full dungeon map.


(Click for full-size)
Map of Frozen Sluice.


Step #1: Get Blizzard-Resistant Equipment

Almost all enemies in the Frozen Sluice can freeze you with Blizzara or Blizzaga.

Enemy hits player with Blizzara / FFCC Remastered
Enemy hits player with Blizzara.

It’s impossible to clear a dungeon with so many fast enemies when you’re frozen solid every ten seconds, so you’ll need some Blizzard resistance.

These are some of the best items for this objective:

  • Frost Badge (+1 Res)
  • Frost Mail, Helm, Sash, Shield, Armlets (+1 Res)
  • Acies Mail, Helm, Sash, Shield, Gauntlets (+2 Res)

Tip: You can get the recipe and materials needed for Acies equipment from the Oblivion Village bonus dungeon.

Ideally you want to get at least +2 Ice Resistance before tackling the Frozen Sluice.

Step #2: Collect Essential Magicites (Fire, Cure)

Collect the chest right beside you upon entering the dungeon to get a Cure magicite.

Start moving westward in a straight line toward another chest. As you approach, three black and white Mu will pop out of the ground to protect it.

First group of enemies in Frozen Sluice / FFCC Remastered
First group of enemies in Frozen Sluice.

They’ll drop Raise, Cure, and Fire, respectively. The chest behind them also contains Fire.

Tip: These Mu have high Defense,but are susceptible to catching fire. Cast Fire to set them ablaze and cut their Defense in half.

Now, you can fuse Fira or even Firaga in your Command List.

These spells (and Cure) will be your bread and butter throughout the dungeon.

Step #3: Melt Down Ice Walls with Fire

Move southward and brace for combat against a Skeleton squad and some Mu.

Skeletons and Mu attack the player / FFCC Remastered
Skeletons and Mu attack the player.

Skeletons are extremely fast but have low HP. Fira is especially effective against these Skeleton groups. It deals a lot of damage and makes them weak to melee attacks.

Tip: Yukes and Clavats can get items that shorten their casting time. Find the Recipes at Goblin Wall (Cycle 3).

Once you’ve defeated the enemies, keep going south until bumping into an ice wall blocking your path.

Casting Fira on an ice wall / FFCC Remastered
Casting Fira on an ice wall.

These ice walls are all over the dungeon.

Cast a Fire-type spell three times to melt them and pass through. They also drop magicites and other items.

Note: The way into the pools from Veo Lu Sluice during drought years is frozen solid, so forget about them.

Step #4: Track Down Keys to Open Gates

Keep going to find a Flan and a Skeleton squad protecting a chest containing a Phoenix Down.

Defeat them, open the chest, and start following the road up north.

Skeletons and Flan protect chest / FFCC Remastered
Skeletons and Flan protect chest.

You’ll eventually run into another Skeleton squad, along with a Frost Bomb protecting a chest.

Enemies protect a chest near frozen Pumpflowers / FFCC Remastered
Enemies protect a chest near frozen Pumpflowers.

The chest contains an Artifact, but the Frost Bomb carries something more critical: a key to open the way forward.

Defeat them, pick up the key, and keep following the path.

You’ll eventually find the corresponding gate.

First gate at Frozen Sluice / FFCC Remastered
First gate at Frozen Sluice.

Tip: The altar can be hard to see due to its clear color on a white background.

Place the key on the altar and cross the newly opened gate.

Step #5: Defeat Red Gigas for Powerful Artifacts

Defeat the Frost Bomb waiting on the other side for a Phoenix Down.

Then keep moving south to find a Skeleton squad and another Ice Bomb roaming an open area. Defeat them before exploring the path to the east.

Road to fourth chest and first Red Gigas / FFCC Remastered
Road to fourth chest and first Red Gigas.

Melt the ice wall and brace for combat against a Red Gigas protecting a chest.

Red Gigas exhales Slow-inducing fumes / FFCC Remastered
Red Gigas exhales Slow-inducing fumes.

These enemies drop powerful Artifacts and sometimes rare Materials. Think of them as walking chests containing treasure.

Tip: Set them on fire before going in with melee damage for an easier battle.

Defeat the Gigas, open the chest, and collect all valuables before returning to the main road.

Follow the path southward, past a locked gate with no enemies nearby and a frozen water pump system.

Road toward fifth chest and second Red Gigas / FFCC Remastered
Road toward fifth chest and second Red Gigas.

Turn eastward and fight the Mu that’ll attack you as you descend the stairs.

Keep going in this direction, defeating two Flans on your way to a Skeleton squad and a Red Gigas protecting yet another chest. This one contains Phoenix Down.

Then return to the main road once everything is taken care of.

Fifth chest and second Red Gigas / FFCC Remastered
Fifth chest and second Red Gigas.

Step #6: Reach the Boss Room

Continue moving westward to find a Skeleton squad in an open area. One of them drops a key.

Skeleton squad holding second key attacks the player / FFCC Remastered
Skeleton squad holding second key attacks the player.

After you get the key, you can either:

  1. Carry this key back to the last closed gate.
  2. Keep moving westward for an alternative route with more combat.

If you keep moving westward, you’ll have to melt another ice wall to find a Skeleton squad guarding a gate.

One drops yet another key, which you can use to open the nearby gate.

Opening third gate at Frozen Sluice / FFCC Remastered
Opening third gate at Frozen Sluice.

No matter what gate you chose to cross, follow the road until another ice wall blocks the path northward.

Casting Fira on ice wall leading to boss room entrance / FFCC Remastered
Casting Fira on ice wall leading to boss room entrance.

Melt it and walk through to find a Skeleton squad, a Flan, and a Frost Bomb guarding the boss gate.

Battle at boss room entrance / FFCC Remastered
Battle at boss room entrance.

Defeat them to get the key needed to open the door.

Step #7: Clean Up and Face the Boss

Let’s collect the last remaining treasures before walking into the boss room.

Move northward from the boss gate, melting an ice wall and fighting some Frost Bombs, Flans, and Skeleton squads before finally running into a Red Gigas and a Mu.

The last Red Gigas / FFCC Remastered
The last Red Gigas.

Defeat the beasts, collect any valuables, and explore the area behind the Gigas.

There’s also yet another Flan + Frost Bomb combo roaming near the last chest in the dungeon.

So collect your treasure, then return to the boss gate, and prepare to face the Ice Golem.

Boss: Ice Golem

Ice Golem makes an entrance / FFCC Remastered
Ice Golem makes an entrance.

The battle against the Ice Golem is time-consuming but relatively easy.

Here are some keys to overcoming the Ice Golem.

Tip #1: Favor Freeze Resistance

Like most enemies in the Frozen Sluice, the Ice Golem loves to freeze the caravaners.

Ice Golem launches freezing laser attack / FFCC Remastered
Ice Golem launches freezing laser attack.

If getting Freeze-resistant items was important to make it through the dungeon, it’s essential to defeating the Ice Golem.

Two items from the Frost set (Res +1) or one from the Acies set (Res +2) will do the trick.

Tip #2: Focus on the Red Gigas

The Ice Golem summons the most robust backup yet: Red Gigas.

Red Gigas in the battle against the Ice Golem / FFCC Remastered
Red Gigas in the battle against the Ice Golem.

These monsters can freeze you or beat you to a pulp with ease. Just one would be troublesome, but there are two of them.

Getting rid of them is your #1 priority.

Luckily, they’re not the fastest creatures. It’s relatively easy to hit them both with Fira or even Firaga. Just take a moment to learn their attack timing first.

Tip: Yukes and anyone with an Accessory that shortens casting time will have an easy time in this battle.

Tip #3: Kill Them with Firaga!

Both the Red Gigas and the Ice Golem have pretty high Defense.

Luckily, both are weak to Fire and highly flammable.

Casting Fira to damage all enemies / FFCC Remastered
Casting Fira to damage all enemies.

Casting Fira to set them on fire will cut their Defense in half and is necessary to deal any real melee damage.

I recommend discarding melee damage and using the Ice Golem’s slow attack speed to cast Firaga.

It’s a slow but safe way to take out the Ice Golem.

Tip #4: Keep Your Distance

Keeping your distance from the boss is the key to staying safe in this battle.

Ideally, remain outside the range of the freezing laser / FFCC Remastered
Ideally, remain outside the range of the freezing laser.

It has several moves targeting the area directly around itself. These include:

  • Exhaling fumes that inflict Slow.
  • Spinning its arms around for great melee damage.
  • Shooting a freezing blue laser in a wide circle.

This means keeping your distance from the Golem’s body is the only way to stay safe. This might be hard for Lilties, but other races should be able to pull it off without a hitch.

Just keep casting Firaga from a distance until the boss goes down.

Tip #5: Don’t Fear the Fist Missiles

Besides running up to you for a close-range attack, the Ice Golem’s only long-range option is to shoot its fists as missiles towards you.

These fists are fast and hit hard, but there’s an easy way to avoid them.

Just stop moving whenever you see the boss prepare to shoot fists. This should cause them to pass by your character without making contact.

Dodging fist missiles and going in for the kill / FFCC Remastered
Dodging fist missiles and going in for the kill.

It’s the perfect opportunity to cast Firaga or a Focus Attack if you can master the timing.

Tip: It helps to keep moving in a straight line to and from the boss instead of dodging to the sides.

Obtainable Items

You’ll find Artifacts, crafting Recipes, and Materials throughout the dungeon. You get to keep all Recipes and Materials, but you can only choose one Artifact to take with you.

Recipes and materials from the boss, and Artifacts from the dungeon / FFCC Remastered
Recipes and materials from the boss, and Artifacts from the dungeon.

Chest Items

The following items await in the chests at the Frozen Sluice:

Artifacts Materials
Chicken Knife
Dark Matter
Heavy Armband
Onion Sword
Taotie Motif
Winged Cap
Time Shard

Monster Items

Red Gigas in the Frozen Sluice are known to drop a great variety of Materials and Artifacts. These drops include:

  • Chicken Knife
  • Dark Matter
  • Heavy Armband
  • Ogrekiller
  • Rat’s Tail
  • Time Shard (Material)
  • Twisted Headband
  • Wonder Wand

The Ice Walls can also drop items like Stone Markers and Electrum upon melting.

Boss Items

Unlike regular dungeons, the Frozen Sluice only has one set of Boss Items you can obtain regardless of your Bonus Points.

  • Silver Armor (Recipe)
  • Silver Guard (Recipe)
  • Time Shard (Recipe)
  • Black Slab (Material)

These drops will help you obtain Stop-resistant items that’ll make future attempts at this and other dungeons much easier.

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