SoS: FoMT Pirate Treasure (How to Get It + Uses)

Holding a Pirate Treasure on the beach (SoS: FoMT)
Pirate Treasure
Location Fishing at Mineral Beach (Summer)
Sell Price (Zack) 10,000 G
Sell Price (Huang) 8,000 – 17,000 G
Uses Summer Sun Recipe

The Pirate Treasure is a rare item that can be caught while fishing during the Summer. But the only way to get this item is to fish in the waters on Mineral Beach with a Cursed Fishing Rod or higher.

Each Pirate Treasure can be sold to Huang for up to 17,000 G or used in the Summer Sun recipe.

How To Get Pirate Treasure

Step 1: Get a Cursed, Blessed, or Mythic Fishing Rod

The farmer finds the Cursed Fishing Rod in the Lake Mine / SoS: FoMT
The farmer finds the Cursed Fishing Rod in the Lake Mine.

The Cursed Fishing Rod is a tool that can be dug up on the 29th level of the Lake Mine. But you must have at least the Mithril Fishing Rod in your toolbox to unearth the Cursed version.

Once you find this tool, you can’t unequip it until you remove the curse. You can use this Cursed Rod by itself to catch the Pirate Treasure, but you should probably upgrade it to its Blessed version just so you’d be able to also use other tools throughout the day.

To remove the curse, simply use the fishing rod at least 50 times.

To avoid running out of stamina or fainting while you do this, you can stock up on Caffeine or Stamina Boosters from the Clinic.

Step 2: Fish at Mineral Beach

After you get the required upgrades for your fishing rod, you can head to Mineral Beach and start looking for treasure.

Mineral Beach is located in the easternmost part of Mineral Town, directly beside Rose Plaza.

Map of Mineral Town with directions to the Beach / SoS: FoMT
Map of Mineral Town with directions to the Beach.

The Pirate Treasure can be caught an unlimited amount of times, and you’ll catch it just by fishing at Mineral Beach during the Summer.

Quick Tip for Easy Pirate Treasures

On Summer 1st each year is the Fetch Fest at Mineral Beach.

This is the perfect time to fish up a bunch of Pirate Treasures (as long as you have a Blessed or Mythic Rod). Here’s why:

  1. Time will not move when you first visit the beach to start the festival (but before starting it)
  2. Your stamina will not deplete when you fish at the festival

So you can use this to your advantage each year to go fishing at Mineral Beach before starting the Fetch Fest. Just make sure to get your Fishing Rod upgraded first!

What is Pirate Treasure Used For?

Selling Pirate Treasure

The farmer sells a Pirate Treasure to Huang / SoS: FoMT
The farmer sells a Pirate Treasure to Huang.

You can just drop the Pirate Treasure in the Shipping Bin to get an easy 10,000 G.

However if you want to maximize your profits, you can also sell it to Huang for anywhere between 8,000-17,000 G.

If Huang doesn’t offer the price you want on your first try, you can keep rejecting his offers to try again until you reach a bid that you like.

Summer Sun Recipe

The farmer makes a Summer Sun in the kitchen / SoS: FoMT
The farmer makes a Summer Sun in the kitchen.

One other use for the Pirate Treasure is to craft a Summer Sun. It’s an item that can be cooked in your kitchen & sold to Huang for up to 27,000 G.

But to make Summer Suns you’ll need a few other ingredients beyond just Pirate Treasure.

Here’s exactly what you’d need for the recipe:

  • Small Fish
  • Medium Fish
  • Large Fish
  • Pirate Treasure
  • Ancient Fossil

You can learn the recipe for Summer Sun from Zack when you reach 4 friendship notes with him.

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