Fireglow in Spiritfarer (Seeds + Uses)

Getting x2 fireglow
Food Type Veggie
Acquired From Firefly Event
Input Facility Garden
Output 2 Fireglows (per seed)
Buying Price 120 Glims
Selling Price 140 Glims

Fireglow falls under the veggie category in Spiritfarer. The seeds for Fireglow can be acquired from the Firefly Event, and you can then plant those seeds in your garden. Once harvested, there are a total of 7 recipes you can cook using Fireglow.

How To Get Fireglow Seeds

Red fireflies will give you fireglow seeds / Spiritfarer
Red fireflies will give you fireglow seeds.

Before anything, make sure that you have already recruited the spirit Gustav. You can find him in the island of Furogawa, at X: 150, Y: 67.

Gustav will give you a short fetch-quest before joining you aboard.

Once you have him onboard, Gustav will introduce you to the firefly event, found in these map coordinates:

  • X: -98, Y: 98
  • X: 114, Y: -45
  • X: 236, Y: -49

The minigame consists of catching passing fireflies, and the red ones will give you fireglow seeds.

How To Grow Fireglow

Growing fireglow seeds in the garden / Spiritfarer
Growing fireglow seeds in the garden.

Once you have a good amount of fireglow seeds, go ahead and plant these in your garden. Make sure you water accordingly, or play the “Plantasia Fantastica” music minigame to make your fireglow seeds grow faster.

Finally, harvest the fireglow seeds when they’re fully grown.

Each seed will give you 2 fireglows, which can either be cooked or sold to Raccoon Shops for 140 glims each.


Cooking aloo gobi with a potato and fireglow / Spiritfarer
Cooking aloo gobi with a potato and fireglow.

Here are all of the recipes you can cook in the kitchen using fireglow:

Dish Ingredients
Flamin’ Firebirdz 1 Fireglow
Cough Drops
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Honey
Aloo Gobi
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Potato
Chai Latte
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Milk
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Rice Flour
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Corn Flour
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Chicken

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