Slate: Locations + Uses (Spiritfarer)

Finding a Slate node in Spiritfarer
Material Type Rocks
Found in
  • Hoseki Quarry
  • Mount Toroyama
Related Facility None
Buying Price N/A
Selling Price 30 Glims

Slate falls under Spiritarer’s rock category of mineable materials.

It’s used in crafting, and slate is mined from nodes found on two separate islands in the game: Hoseki Quarry and Mount Toroyama.

How To Get Slate (All Nodes)

Approach the node and hold the interact button to start mining / Spiritfarer
Approach the node and hold the interact button to start mining.

Hoseki Quarry

This first island can be found in the Furogawa Region, and it can be reached without any prior ship improvements. It’s located at X: -138, Y: 28.

Slate Node #1

Step 1: Enter the mine in the mountain and climb up the ladders.

Head up the ladders / Spiritfarer
Head up the ladders.

Step 2: Once you reach the landing up at the top, head to your left.

Run to your left / Spiritfarer
Run to your left.

Step 3: You’ll come across a fork on the road, with one way going up and another going down. Choose the path going down.

Follow the path going down / Spiritfarer
Follow the path going down.

Step 4: Go down to the bottom floor using the ladder.

Go down and then walk to your right / Spiritfarer
Go down and then walk to your right.

Step 5: Then walk to your right to find the first slate node.

The slate node / Spiritfarer
The slate node.

Slate Node #2

From the first slate node, walk over to your left and you’ll come across the node shortly.

Walk over to your left / Spiritfarer

Mount Toroyama

The next island is Mount Toroyama, at X: -99, Y: 34. This island is just to the east of Hoseki Quarry, and as such, it also doesn’t require any ship improvements to reach.

Here’s where to find the Slate nodes here:

Step 1: Enter the mountain mine entrance and run to your left.

Run to your left / Spiritfarer
Run to your left.

Step 2: Once you hit the wall, turn right and climb up the higher path.

Head up the higher path / Spiritfarer
Head up the higher path.

Step 3: Keep walking right past the ladder.

Head past the ladder / Spiritfarer
Head past the ladder.

Step 4: You’ll eventually come across two slate nodes beside each other.

The slate nodes in Mount Toroyama are just next to each other / Spiritfarer
The slate nodes in Mount Toroyama are just next to each other.

Growing Slate

Planting slate on one of the turtle sisters / Spiritfarer
Planting slate on one of the turtle sisters.

Additionally, you also have the option of growing slate once you’ve unlocked any of the Turtle Sisters. Simply head to their back and plant a slate on any of the available plots of land.

The locations of the three Turtle Sisters are as follows:

  • Olga (X: 81, Y: 28)
  • Masha (X: -91, Y: 138)
  • Irina (X: 127, Y: -76)

Using Slate

These are all of the ways to use Slate in Spiritfarer:

Build Materials
Atul’s Workshop Improvement (Shower)
  • 8 slates
  • 8 linen fabrics
  • 150 glims
Alice’s Cottage Improvement (Commemorative Dish Collection)
  • 3 slates
  • 10 oak planks
  • 5 aluminum ingots
  • 300 glims
Astrid’s Bungalow
  • 12 slates
  • 12 linen fabrics
Buck’s Lair of Wonders
  • 4 slates
  • 12 pine planks
  • 2 clear glass sheets
Elena’s Cubicle (Plant)
  • 3 slates
  • 5 oak planks
  • 1 celery
  • 3,000 glims
Field Improvement
  • 4 slates
  • 12 maple planks
  • 7 bright jellies
Icebreaker Boat Improvement
  • 5 slates
  • 10 iron ingots
  • 12 oak planks
  • 18 linen fabrics
  • 1 spirit flower
  • 800 glims
Hermes’ Hymn Improvement
  • 5 slates
  • 18 oak planks
  • 16 wool fabrics
  • 1,250 glims

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