Steel Sheet – Spiritfarer

Getting a Steel Sheet
Steel Sheet
Material Type Metal
Made From
Made In Smithy
Selling Price 140 Glims

The Steel Sheet falls under the buildable metals category in Spiritfarer. It’s made in the Smithy by combining 1 iron ingot and 1 carbon powder, and is used to craft a handful of buildings & improvements.

What You Need

In order to make a steel sheet, you will need these three things:

  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 1 Carbon Powder
  • Smithy

How To Get Carbon Powder

Making carbon powder with coal in the Crusher / Spiritfarer
Making carbon powder with coal in the Crusher.

To get carbon powder, you will first need some coal.

The easiest way to get coal is to mine it from nodes found in these locations:

  • Hoseki Quarry
  • Mount Toroyama
  • Kalstein Mines
  • Southpoint Docks
  • Flotsam Shores
  • Shadow Forest

Simply approach any coal node on any of these locations and hold the interact button to start mining. Additionally you can also check our full coal guide for the exact locations of these nodes.

After getting some coal, head inside your Crusher building and put the ores inside the machine.

Then simply press the interact button repeatedly to crush the coal into carbon powder. 1 coal is equal to 1 carbon powder.

How To Get Iron Ingots

Mining iron ore / Spiritfarer
Mining iron ore.

For Iron Ingots you’ll need to mine for some iron ore nodes.

These are all of the locations where you can find these:

  • Hoseki Quarry
  • Crow’s End Inc.
  • Hidden Thicket
  • Southpoint Docks

You can also consult our full iron ore guide to see the exact locations of these nodes.

Once you have mined some iron ore, head inside the Foundry and put them inside along with some coal for the furnace. Then push on the bellows in an alternating fashion until the thermometer fills up.

When the smelting process is done, collect the iron ingots on the basket on your right side.

Making Steel Sheets

Pick the Steel Sheet option / Spiritfarer
Pick the Steel Sheet option.

For the final step, go inside your Smithy along with the carbon powder and iron ingot and pick the Steel Sheet from the options.

After confirming, a timer will appear.

Once it’s done counting down, a molten ball of metal will roll out, and you will need to hit it with Stella’s everlight hammer a few times. While doing this make sure to pause whenever the ball turns red so as to avoid it from exploding.

Once the ball is flattened, it will get doused with water and you will get 1 steel sheet.

Keep on hammering the ball repeatedly until it flattens / Spiritfarer
Keep on hammering the ball repeatedly until it flattens.

Using Steel Sheets

Here are all of the buildings and improvements you can craft using a steel sheet:

Construction/Improvement Materials
Gustav’s Gallery Improvement (Neoclassical Nordic Fireplace)
  • 1 Steel Sheet
  • 7 Slates
  • 10 Zinc Ingots
  • 6 Marbles
  • 1000 Glims
Buck’s Lair of Wonders Improvement (Powerful Weapons)
  • 1 Steel Sheet
  • 1 Electrum Sheet
  • 8 Pine Planks
  • 13 Silk Fabrics
  • 1000 Glims
Elena’s Cubicle
  • 2 Steel Sheets
  • 18 Pine Planks
  • 22 Linen Fabrics
Smithy Improvement
  • 1 Steel Sheet
  • 12 XP Potions
  • 5 Gold Ingots
  • 1 Celestial Sheet
  • 890 Glims

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