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Finding x1 electrum sheet
Electrum Sheet
Material Type Metal
Made From
Made In Smithy
Selling Price 700 Glims

The Electrum Sheet is a type of buildable metal in Spiritfarer. It’s made by combining 1 gold ingot and 1 silver ingot in the Smithy. It can then be used to craft at least 3 ship/building improvements.

What You Need

To make an electrum sheet, you will need:

  • 1 Gold Ingot
  • 1 Silver Ingot
  • Smithy

How To Get Gold Ingots

Mining gold ore via the gold dragon event / Spiritfarer
Mining gold ore via the gold dragon event.

Before anything, you will need to acquire some gold ore. These nodes are found in:

  • Gold Dragon Event
  • Southpoint Docks
  • Crow’s End Inc.
  • Hidden Thicket
  • Obscure Canopy
  • Misty Woods

The gold dragon is a minigame event that’s introduced to you by Summer, while all the other options are islands where a few mineable gold nodes can be found.

In case you want to see the exact node locations our gold ore guide has much more detail.

Once you have some gold ore, head inside your Foundry and put the ores inside the machine along with some coal. Then alternate between the two bellows until the temperature fills up the thermometer, after which gold ingots will fall onto the basket.

How To Get Silver Ingots

You can only get silver ore from the silver dragon / Spiritfarer
You can only get silver ore from the silver dragon.

For these ingots you will need to acquire some silver ore, exclusively taken from the Silver Dragon.

After getting some silver ore from there, head inside the Foundry and put them inside the machine. Then play the same smelting minigame you played with the gold ore.

Once done, you’ll be rewarded with silver ingots.

Making Electrum Sheets

Choose the Electrum Sheet inside the Smithy / Spiritfarer
Choose the Electrum Sheet inside the Smithy.

Once you have both the silver and gold ingots, head inside the Smithy and pick the Electrum Sheet option.

A timer will then appear, and a ball of molten metal will come out once it’s finished counting down.

You will then need to hit the metal repeatedly until it flattens, making sure to pause whenever you see the hammer gets very red.

Once the ball gets flattened, Stella will spray it with water and you’ll get 1 Electrum Sheet. You can repeat this process as much as you want as long as you have the materials.

When smithing, make sure to pause whenever the hammer becomes red / Spiritfarer
When smithing, make sure to pause whenever the hammer becomes red.

Using Electrum Sheets

Here are all of the craftable upgrades you can make with an electrum sheet:

Construction/Improvement Materials
Buck’s Lair of Wonders Improvement (Powerful Weapons)
  • 1 Electrum Sheet
  • 8 Pine Planks
  • 13 Silk Fabrics
  • 1 Steel Sheet
  • 1,000 Glims
Archive Room B-2522 Improvement (Filing Cabinet)
  • 2 Electrum Sheets
  • 10 Pine Planks
  • 500 Glims
Moon Solo Boat Improvement
  • 2 Electrum Sheets
  • 8 Gold Ingots
  • 28 Pine Planks
  • 2,000 Glims

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