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Getting a Celestial Sheet
Celestial Sheet
Material Type Metal
Made From
Made In Smithy
Selling Price 100 Glims

The Celestial Sheet falls under Spiritfarer’s metals category. This material is built in the Smithy using 1 comet powder and 1 pulsar ingot, and is used to make the Smithy improvement.

What You Need

To craft a celestial sheet, you will need:

  • 1 Comet Powder
  • 1 Pulsar Ingot
  • Smithy

How To Get Comet Powder

Comet Rock is acquired via the meteor showers event / Spiritfarer
Comet Rock is acquired via the meteor showers event.

Start by recruiting the spirit Giovanni, who you can find in Loneberg, at X: -40, Y: 192. Once you have him on your ship, he will introduce you to the Meteor Showers event, found in these locations:

  • X: 175, Y: -82
  • X: 228, Y: -8
  • X: 205, Y: 18
  • X: 258, Y: 8
  • X: 248, Y: -121
  • X: 250, Y: -142

In the minigame you will need to jump around the ship and touch the sparkling shots to get comet rocks.

After you get some comet rocks, it’s time to head inside the Crusher. Just put in any amount of comet rocks and repeatedly press the interact button to crush them and make comet powder.

1 comet rock is equal to 1 comet powder.

How To Get Pulsar Ingots

Pulsar Ore is taken from the Pulsar Rays event, before being smelted in the Foundry to make ingots / Spiritfarer
Pulsar Ore is taken from the Pulsar Rays event, before being smelted in the Foundry to make ingots.

For these ingots, make sure that you already have the spirit duo Bruce & Mickey on your ship. In case you don’t have them yet, you can easily find them in the island of Southpoint Docks, at X: 157, Y: 22.

Once you have the duo, they will introduce you to the Pulsar Rays minigame event, located at:

  • X: 156, Y: -15 (Oxbury Region)
  • X: 219, Y: -95 (Oxbury Region)
  • X: 239, Y: 87 (Crow’s End Region)

The minigame itself consists of jumping around the ship to “catch” blue-colored rays flying in all directions. The more rays you catch, the more pulsar ore you collect.

After getting pulsar ore, go inside your Foundry and put the ore in the machine. After you play the minigame your pulsar ingots will fall onto the basket.

How to Make Celestial Sheets

Choose the Celestial Sheet inside the Smithy / Spiritfarer
Choose the Celestial Sheet inside the Smithy.

After getting both of the materials, head inside your Smithy and pick the Celestial Sheet option.

A timer will appear, and once it’s finished counting down, a red molten ball will come out.

You will then need to hit this ball repeatedly with a hammer, making sure you pause if it becomes too red.

Once the ball flattens, Stella will pour some water on it and you’ll then get 1 Celestial Sheet. As long as you have the materials, you can keep making Celestial Sheets inside the Smithy.

Hit the metal ball until it becomes flat / Spiritfarer
Hit the metal ball until it becomes flat.

Using Celestial Sheets

Here’s the only craftable improvement you can make with a Celestial Sheet:

Improvement Materials
Smithy Improvement
  • 1 Celestial Sheet
  • 12 XP Potions
  • 5 Gold Ingots
  • 890 Glims

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