Saibara’s Forge Shop Inventory Guide (Story of Seasons: FoMT)

Standing inside of Saibara's Forge in SoS:FoMT
Blacksmith’s Forge
Shop Hours 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Days Open Every day except Thursday
NPCs Saibara, Gray
Items Farm Tools, Tool Upgrades, Jewelry

Saibara is the town’s resident blacksmith that runs his own Forge. It is open every day except Thursdays & holidays from 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

To get to the Forge, follow the path north from your farm and take the first right turn. It will be the first building you see along that road (pictured below on the map).

Map of Mineral Town with directions to the Forge / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Map of Mineral Town with directions to the Forge.

Note: It’s possible to enter the Forge outside of its shop hours, but you won’t be able to access the store and Saibara will not entertain any requests.

Forge Shop Inventory

Interface of Saibara’s blacksmith shop / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Interface of Saibara’s blacksmith shop.

Saibara will sell a number of tools and farm upgrades, but he will only sell these particular items once.

Each time you upgrade your farm buildings (the Coop and Barn), Saibara will also offer special Maker Machines that can directly process raw animal products.

Item Requirements Cost Use
Brush Receive the horse 800 G Brush pets, barn animals, and the horse
Milker None 2,000 G Harvest milk from cows
Clippers None 1,800 G Harvest fleece from sheep, alpacas, and Angora rabbits
Butter Maker Big Barn 20,000 G + one Adamantite Process milk into butter
Cheese Maker Big Barn Process milk into cheese
Mayonnaise Maker Big Coop Process eggs into mayonnaise
Yarn Maker Big Barn or Big Coop Process wool or fleece into yarn

Tool Upgrades

Interface of Saibara’s tool upgrade menu / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Interface of Saibara’s tool upgrade menu.

To upgrade your tools, you’ll need to bring a specific raw ore to Saibara based on which upgrade you want. For example, to upgrade to a Gold Axe you’d need a piece of gold ore.

All upgradeable ores can be found in the Spring Mine. And as you unlock more levels and harvest more valuable ores, your tools can become more powerful.

All Tool Upgrades
Upgrade Experience Required Ore Needed Cost per Tool Days to Complete
Copper 10% Copper Ore 1,000 G 1 day
Silver 28% Silver Ore 2,000 G 1-2 days
Gold 55% Gold Ore 3,000 G 1-3 days
Mithril 100% Mithril Ore 5,000 G 1-4 days
Mythic 100% + Blessed Tools Mythic Ore 50,000 G 3-7 days

Note: You can skip some upgrades if you have the materials available & if you have the necessary experience on the tool already. For example, you can upgrade from a Copper tool directly to Mithril without having to do each of the upgrades inbetween.

But skipping levels when you upgrade will add to the number of days it will take Saibara to complete the commission.

Upgrading from one level immediately to the next will only take one day. But skipping three levels will require you to wait for 4 days before you can receive your new tool.

Jewelry Commissions

Interface of Saibara’s jewelry menu / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Interface of Saibara’s jewelry menu.

If you want to give a special gift to anyone in Mineral Town, you can commission special jewelry from Saibara.

He can make an unlimited amount of jewelry for you, as long as you have enough Orichalcum for each item.

It will take him one day to craft each piece of jewelry, which you can then gift or sell.

All Jewelry
Item Cost Selling Price
Necklace 1,000 G + one Orichalcum 1,800 G

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