Susan’s Museum Guide + Collection List (Spiritfarer)

Inside Susans Museum in Spiritfarer

Susan’s Museum, also known as The Collector, is one of the more unique sea facilities you’ll encounter in Spiritfarer.

Managed by Susan, this facility rewards you with valuable things in exchange for collecting a number of in-game items.

How To Get To Susan’s Museum (Unlock Guide)

Susan’s Museum on the map / Spiritfarer
Susan’s Museum on the map.

Fortunately, unlocking Susan’s Museum is quite easy.

To start, simply head to Furogawa (X: -150, Y: 67) and speak to one of the spirits standing on the porch of the house (the spirit should have a red outline).

This will be the spirit Gustav, and he will send you to the nearby Raccoon Inc. shop to look for a missing Woodblock Print, before giving you a small Figurine.

After talking to the shop owner, you’ll learn that the print has been sold to a Collector, located at X: -150, Y: 150.

Note: Reaching Susan’s Museum requires the Icebreaker Upgrade, as well as the double jump ability from Stella to reach the ladder.

This is Susan’s Museum, and you can head on over there to pick up the Woodblock Print in exchange for the small Figurine.

After heading back to Gustav to finish his request, you will now be free to visit Susan’s Museum as you wish.

Use Stella’s double jump to reach the ladder of Susan’s Museum / Spiritfarer
Use Stella’s double jump to reach the ladder of Susan’s Museum.

Purpose of Susan’s Collection

As a sea facility, Susan’s Museum is pretty simple.

Susan wants to collect a number of things and will ask you to gather them in her behalf. After completing a certain number of items in a category, she will then reward you with rare and valuable items.

The more items you collect, the better your reward will be.

What’s great about Susan’s collection is that the unlockable items progress alongside the game, so you should have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to her museum for goodies.

Below we’ve created a table of the rewards you’ll get after reaching a certain number of items from each category:

The more items you bring Susan, the more you unlock in her collection / Spiritfarer
The more items you bring Susan, the more you unlock in her collection.

Susan’s Collections + Rewards

Category Collecting Goals Rewards
  • 1 Figurine
  • 4 Figurines
  • Woodprint
  • Blackberry Outfit
  • 9 Types
  • 17 Types
  • 25 Types
  • 33 Types
  • 3 Hematites
  • 2 Diamonds
  • Stella’s Sunday’s Outfit
  • Stella’s Pirate Outfit
  • 1 Type
  • 2 Types
  • 4 Types
  • 5 Types
  • 2 Valuable Necklaces
  • 2 Old Paintings
  • 2 Old Carpets
  • Crusher Upgrade
  • 4 Types
  • 7 Types
  • 10 Types
  • 5 Types
  • 3 Large Glim Bottles
  • 6 Large Glim Bottles
  • Smithy Upgrade
  • Stella’s Twilight Outfit
  • 25 Types
  • 49 Types
  • 74 Types
  • 98 Types
  • Stella’s Easter Outfit
  • 5 Honeys
  • Eshe’s Outfit
  • Thora’s Outfit

All Items for Each Collection

And here’s a list of everything you need to collect for each category:

Fishing Collection

Albacore Tuna Anchovy Bay Shrimp
Black Tiger Shrimp Bluefin Tuna Blue salmon
Char Clam Cobia
Cod Cuttlefish Eel
Empty Shell Flounder Giant Scallop
Haddock Halibut Hard-Shell Clam
Herring King Salmon Lobster
Mackerel Mahi-Mahi Common Mussel
Octopus Oyster Scallop
Snow Crab Sockeye Salmon Sole
Squid Urchin Yellowfin Tuna

Gems Collection

This list is a bit smaller, so we don’t need a huge table for this collection.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Diamond
  • Amethyst
  • Hematite
  • Opal
  • Citrine

Metals Collection

Brass Sheet Bronze Sheet Celestial Sheet
Electrum Sheet Rose Gold Sheet Steel Sheet
Aluminum Ingot Copper Ingot Gold Ingot
Iron Ingot Pulsar Ingot Silver Ingot
Zinc Ingot

Dishes Collection

Grilled Fish Steamed Shellfish Popcorn
Poached Fruit Paella Heat-Treated Crab
Lobster Germinal Grilled Veggie Plain Rice
Flamin’ Firebirdz Shellfish Stew Grain Salad
Bread Fish Curry Southern Boil
Noodle Soup Clam Cake Bouillabaisse
Grilled Mushrooms Bisque Black Coffee
Apple Pie Berry Pie Pear Tartlet
Fisherman’s Pie Peach Cobbler Cherry Pie
Shrimp Tempura Grilled Chicken Crab Cake
Lobster Roll Veggie-Pot Pie Cough Drops
Calamari Rings Milquetoast Hot Milk
Tuna Tataki Mushroom Salad Mock Gruel
Aloo Gobi Clam Chowder Fried Surf
Shrimp Cocktail Chai Latte Glazed Carrot
Grilled Octopus Squid Skewer Cereal Bowl
Muesli Rice Pudding Maple Salmon
Eggs Sunny Side-Up Fruit Candy Laksa
Corn Bread Fish Sticks Vegetable Stir Fry
Green Salad Latte Fried Rice
Egg Salad Pork Chops Sweet Coffee
Casserole Corndog Fried Crawfish
Cake Focaccia French Fries
Meat Stew Lokma Surstromming
Pancakes Surf and Turf Fried Mushrooms
Dakgangjeong Fried Chicken Chilaquiles
Cup of Tea Meat Pie Crepes
Wonton Soup Sweet Yoghurt Lollipop
Honey Ham Scrambled Eggs Candy
Omelette Crème Brulee Frittata
Tomato Pizza Schnitzel Cheese Fondue
Bacon and Eggs English Tea Cheese Sticks
Sweet Tea Grilled Steak Garlic Bread
Toffee Sauerkraut Beef Fondue
Onion Rings

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